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Longtime sumo fan from Spain.

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After lurking the forum for months, I decided to join the community. I look forward to participate and learn more about ozumo.

A little bit  about me:

I come from Spain and I've been following sumo since the early 00s, mostly through Eurosport. After Eurosport decided to stop offering sumo, I struggled to find good quality information until I found the now classical YouTube channels (@Kintamayama, Grand Sumo Awesome and Jason All-Sumo).

My all-time favourite rishiki is Kotooshu (The first part of my forum shikona is chosen because of him). From the active rishiki I am partial to Chiyonokuni, Ikioi, Endo, Kiokutaisei and Tochinoshin (in no particular order).

I am married and I have two-year old twins. I hope to visit Japan one day, when the kids grow.

That's all for the moment. I look forward tho see September basho together with you.


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A very warm welcome! And congratulations for joining the league of Those Who Post. You'll find a world of information here and in the database, made available by knowledgeable and generous people. Here we can discuss to our heart's content those things that the people in our immediate vicinity don't understand.

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