Japan Flooding - Donations to Relief Funds

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I think it's safe to assume that if we are here because we love sumo, we likely have some connection or affection for its homeland and people.  If any of you are interested in making a material contribution towards the flood disaster relief effort, which has rendered many people homeless, there are a few funds with sites in English or Japanese:

Japan Red Cross Flooding Disaster Fund:  http://www.jrc.or.jp/contribute/help/307/index.html

For some reason the English page is only for Japan Red Cross general donations (i.e. not specific to the flooding disaster): http://www.jrc.or.jp/english/donate/  but you might want to ask on the online enquiry form whether they will be setting up a specific fund: https://toiawase.jrc.or.jp/english/contact_us/

Rakuten fund for flooding disaster:  https://global.rakuten.com/corp/donation/nishinihon201807_en/nishinihon201807_en.html

A list of other funds:  https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/news/flood-and-rain-disaster-in-west-japan-how-to-help-the-relief-and-recovery-efforts-071018 and https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20180709/p2a/00m/0na/015000c

Choose a prefecture using the 'hometown tax' system: https://www.satofull.jp/static/oenkifu/oenkifu_201807.php and https://www.furusato-tax.jp/saigai/filter?category_id[]=934&page=1

If anybody comes across any other funds or donation drives/activities, whether to raise money or donations of items, please post them here.

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