Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

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5 hours ago, Pandaazuma said:

Bench: 6-9. Basically my team was almost all utter idiots. And in Bench, that spells doom. Was lucky to get six.

I'm not going to claim that I'm anywhere near your level of skill (or anyone else in this ichimon), but that is how my Bench game went.

I had Hokutofuji, Takayasu, Nishikigi and Tamawashi. I did have Asanoyama, Takanosho and Kotonowaka but most of the time I ended up (particularly with Takakeisho's performance) having to choose between which of Tamawashi and Nishikigi would win or lose their potentially winnable matchup and picking the wrong one every time.

Otherwise 8th in Oracle, which I'll take. In a decent position in UDH and Hoshitori prior to the final standings, but we'll see. I was 4th in ISP after Day 14, but gambled with Kakuryu in an attempt to win the yusho but ended up 10th. Ah well. Everything else was a disaster, even by my very low standards (only speaking about Masters games here).

I don't use a computer system so I'm going off my own head. Not much time to enter this time around.

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Posted (edited)

My overall performance on pre-basho games (Oracle, UDH, Salary Cup ...) was based on an early kyujo of both Yokozuna. As that did not happen (all the opposite, actually, hahaha) the disaster was inevitable.  KK in SG and BS, slowly keeping on climbing those ladders. Few disastrous days in Toto which cost me a much better position.
Early defeat in Chain (Chosing Takanosho one of the few days he lost .... yeah that's me!).
KK in ISP but who didn't? so nothing to be proud of there.
Disastrous TTT.
Several big bets lost for only one bout in Odd for a nice score of zero in the end.
I can't be proud of Haru 2020. I'm still learning though and I hope these lessons will help me to do better in May.

Because I have news, people. YES, we'll have Sumo in May ! Without crowd but there will be a basho. That's my feeling anyway.

GG everyone and be extra careful till this crisis ends !

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I just went through my backlog of bench sumo emails and found out I took the jun yusho!  Not sure how that happened with Takayasu, Myogiryu, Hokutofuji, and Tamawashi, but I will take it! 

Also what is the toto tiebreaker now?  I am thinking I should get the jun yusho there as well but I cant remember the procedure. 

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