I just wanted to get some views among the Japanese speakers here concerning nasalisation of the 'g' sound in Japanese.  In the language mp3s that came with various textbooks (both older ones and newer ones) there tends to be nasalisation of 'ga' and 'go'.  My former teacher (a lady in her late 40s) also spoke this way.  Yet, I have recently heard that this is considered an affectation or kind of old-fashioned.  I can't recall if I heard it much on my trips to Japan last year, save among women in traditional boutiques (like old-school wagashi shops and tea rooms), older women and newsreaders.  Is this considered 'posh' or well-spoken in the vaguely equivalent sense of Received Pronunciation in English?  Is it considered to be a more feminine linguistic trait?  Do you hear this a lot in Japan?  Would it sound unnatural coming from a foreigner or younger person?   I guess the same can be said of 'su', e.g genki 'deSU', rather than genki 'dess'.  The instances I recall hearing the 'su' being accented were by, well, classier ladies or ladies over a certain age.  Again, is this an affectation to sound 'posh' or specifically to sound more feminine?   Many thanks all!