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Setsubun 2018 rikishi and oyakata action

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Akinomaki    16,000

There are usually several bean throwing events at each location

The main event at the Narita-san shinsho temple with Hakuho and Kisenosato, and Mitakeumi, Endo and Okinoumi:


DVGR2HmVwAISyh_.jpg:thumbo DVGR2HjVoAAUyuM.jpg:thumbo DVGENdgUQAA_zxf.jpg:thumbo 0180203at20_t.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_2.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_3.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_4.jpgo 201802030000551-w200_0.jpgo 201802030000551-w200_1.jpgo 201802030000504-w200_0.jpgo 201802030000504-w200_1.jpgo 201802030000504-w200_2.jpgo AS20180203000964_commL.jpgo sum18020316490005-m1.jpgo sum18020316490005-m2.jpgo  lif1802030017-n1.jpgo sty1802030007-g3.jpgo 4.jpgo 4.jpgo 4.jpgo 4.jpgo sty1802030007-g4.jpgo b_10953821.jpgo b_10953820.jpgo b_10953822.jpgo b_10953772.jpgo b_10953773.jpgo b_10953366.jpgo b_10954348.jpgo b_10954346.jpgo b_10954349.jpgo 20180203-OHT1I50070-N.jpgo 20180203-OYT1I50020-N.jpgo 20180203-OYT1I50018-N.jpgo  96958A9F889DE0E4E7E2E4EBEAE2E2E1E2E0E0E2E3EA9191E2E2E2E2-DSXMZO2650739003022018CN0001-PN1-3.jpgo 20180203s00005000170000p_thum.jpgo 20180203s00005000106000p_thum.jpgo   9a79b13084e7b0159518183747faec3a-300x300.jpgo origin_1.jpgo

Takanohana of course at the Ryuujin souguusha event, with his men, except Takanoiwa:

with the head of the sect:

"devils outside"

201802030000477-w200_5.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_6.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_7.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_8.jpgo 201802030000631-w200_0.jpgo 201802030000631-w200_1.jpgo sum18020317400006-m1.jpgo sum18020317400006-m2.jpgowst1802030057-n2.jpgo wst1802030057-n1.jpgo 20180203-OHT1I50081-N.jpgo20180203s00005000234000p_thum.jpgo origin_1.jpgo

Isegahama-beya as always at the Izumo-taisha Sagami branch shrine in Hadano, Kanagawa

201802030000477-w200_22.jpgo 201802030000477-w200_23.jpgo


ex-Musashimaru with 2 rikishi (one is Musashikuni) at the Bansho temple in Nagoya - first a talk show:

- 2nd event of 4:

Takayasu at an event of the Reiyukai sect


the usual location of the heya

On 2/3/2017 at 19:04, Akinomaki said:

Takayasu, ex-Wakanosato and Tagonoura-oyakata at the Reiyukai shakaden in Azabudai, Tokyo


Asakayama-oyakata at the Kuon-ji


- the NHK local news page with video  shows also Kyokushuho and Kaisei

as was to be expected

On 2/4/2016 at 16:26, Akinomaki said:

Ex-Kaio (Asakayama) was in Minobu-town, Yamanashi, at the Mt. Minobu Kuon temple, Kaisei and Kyokushuho were there as well

Chiganoura-beya in Inba - Sakae town, Chiba, where Masunoyama and his tokoyama brother are from

DVF_MCUVAAEKMwS.jpg:thumbo DVF_MCTUQAAsFYV.jpg:thumbo DVF_MC6V4AAc1Lt.jpg:thumbo DVF_LRZVQAAlfTe.jpg:thumbo DVF_LRZV4AA7tyI.jpg:thumbo DVF_LRYVoAAhP2-.jpg:thumbo




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Amamaniac    129

What exactly is Harumafuji's status given that he appeared at Izumo Taisha with the non-disgraced Isegahama sekitori?  I seem to recall that when Asashoryu was forced to retire, his Setsubun appearance was cancelled.

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rhyen    807

I guess it is up to each festival organiser?

the Ajigawa/Isegahama heya has close ties with this particular shrine, as Akinomaki has repeatedly reported.

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Akinomaki    16,000

Sadogatake-beya is connected to the Arai-yakushi Baishou temple (Nakano ward) - Kotoyuki and Kotoeko were there,  with Minezaki-oyakata

the 2 with Masuiyama were also in Akasaka at the Hie shrine

DVJ7t5FU8AAVTy7.jpg:thumbo DVJ7wmpU8AAxkr8.jpg:thumbo

As usual Sadogatake and Kotoshogiku at the Tsubaki (camellia)  Grand shrine in Suzuka


On 2/3/2016 at 10:41, Akinomaki said:

Kotoshogiku in Suzuka, Mie, at the Tsubaki Grand shrine. 2000 more than last year, about 5000 came to the shrine.

Nishikigi was at an ordinary Camellia shrine in Matsuyama, Ehime o


Hokutofuji was in Hiraizumi (Iwate) at the Chusonji - last year stable-mate Okinoumi was there o



Yoshikaze was with Amakaze at the Mt. Fuji Sengen main grand shrine


Kisenosato was also (each year since 2006) at the Okunitama (great country soul) shrine in Fuchu

AS20180203002647_commL.jpgo AS20180203002665_commL.jpgo AS20180203002672_commL.jpgo

Takayasu was also at the Kasama Inari shrine - Furiwake was there, too


Takayasu will be home in Tsuchiura at the Houshaku temple on the 5th - last year there with Arawashi: o


Ryuden was at the Hihita shrine in Isehara, Kanagawa


rikishi at an event in an Isawa onsen

Harumafuji at his home shrine - smiling to the press with "No comment, I'm tired"


More from Mt. Narita o



201802040000161-w200_0.jpgo 201802040000166-w200_0.jpgo  sum18020405010002-m1.jpgo sum18020405000003-m1.jpgo

sum18020405010002-m2.jpgo sum18020405010002-m3.jpgo sum18020405000003-m2.jpgo sum18020405000003-m3.jpgo b_10955154.jpgo 20180203-OHT1I50160-N.jpgo 20180204s00005000039000p_thum.jpgo 20180204s00005000041000p_thum.jpgo PK2018020402100098_size0.jpgo sp-sumo-a-20180204-200x200.jpgo

and from Takanohana with the dragon kings

20180204s00005000037000p_thum.jpgo20180203-OHT1I50159-N.jpgo   20180203-OYTNI50022-N.jpgob_10955152.jpgo  sum18020405030001-m1.jpgo 201802040000162-w200_0.jpgo 201802040000162-w200_1.jpgosum18020405030001-m2.jpgo sum18020405030001-m3.jpgo sum18020405030001-m4.jpgo sum18020405030001-m5.jpgo


mini rikishi at a special setsubun cry sumo event - not the season to wear just the kesho mawashi though


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Akinomaki    16,000

At the Sayada shrine in Kumagaya, Daishozen, Tobizaru and Daiamami from Oitekaze-beya were the guests o


and they also posed for a photo



Goeido was also at a Narita-san temple - but home in Neyagawa


The wide shows focus on Taka and last year's Ryujin souguusha event

Hakuho was next to Takanoiwa there - this year all not from Takanohana-beya have refused to come

On 2/4/2017 at 17:50, Akinomaki said:

Today Hakuho was at the Ryujinsogusha in Uji-city, Kyoto, for more action

Taka, his sekitori and the young twins, Oshima, Endo and Asahisho were also there

Their page now shows the pics from last year平成30年節分祭お得情報/


again only the top of the head of Takanoiwa is visible


another pic from  Kotoshogiku at the Tsubaki Grand shrine in Suzuka - about 300 visitors


and another from Takayasu at the Kasama Inari shrine - with Tagonoura-oyakata


Takayasu today was home in Tsuchiura at the Houshaku temple - again with Tagonoura-oyakata and Arawashi

video on the local NHK news page (likely only today):

maybe the video can be accessed a little longer directly: youtube-dl rtmp://

Similarly, a video with Hokutofuji in Hiraizumi (Iwate) at the Chusonji

youtube-dl rtmp://

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Akinomaki    16,000

Kisenosato at the Okunitama shrine

rikishi somewhere

Takayasu home in Tsuchiura at the Houshaku temple - with Tagonoura-oyakata and Arawashi


After an event at his and KasugayamaNakagawa-beya's home in Saiwai ward, Kawasaki, at the Ogura shrine, Yoshikasuga did a hold-the-baby photo session - Kasugaryu was also there



Ikioi (as usual) and Nishikigi were at the Ofuna Kannon temple




Sokokurai was at the Nogawa shrine in Kawasaki



Tomozuna-beya at the Mt. Tsukuba shrine on the 10th - as usual (2014, 2015)


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