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Rainoyama    10

Dear members of the forum,

I'm happy to finally join this fantastic website not just as an observer but as a member and meet you all ! I'm 22 from Paris, France and learning japanese at university. I've always been interested in Japan and discovered sumo a few years ago when it was still on Eurosport. I started to follow it with more interest after I discovered Kintamayama's channel on youtube about 3 years ago I'd say. I'm a big fan of some of the young hopes such as Mitakeumi, Hokutofuji and Shodai (A)... to name a few. I probably won't post a lot but I don't know anybody who likes sumo like me, so I think it's good to be able to post on this platform to share my views with people with the same interest. I can't wait talk about this wonderful sport with you all !


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orandashoho    523

Welcome! There is bo better place where you can get a dose of sumo AND share with like-minded fans. See you around...

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