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Hopefully this is the right place, as I'm new, mods please move/remove if if it is not

At the moment I can't react to any posts (which I would like to as one of the primary reasons I joined up was so I could demonstrate my appreciation of peoples efforts here and I don't want to just be spamming every thread with "thanks for this post" type stuff of course..)

Anyway, it was suggested in my introduction thread that it could possibly be due to being classed as an inactive user, which seems odd to be as I have only just joined, but seems plausible as a causeĀ at least to me (someone with absolutely zero knowledge of how the forum runs behind the scenes...).The best information I can offer from my side is that when I inspect the page with developer tools aI can see where the reaction element should be, but the element is greyed out (though I am making assumptions about the element obviously, but based on the name...)

Anyway, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated :)


Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 13.35.25.png

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i have the same problem and was recently told if you use the forum for a few months then eventually you will be able to react to posts etc

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