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Good day everyone. I am a new member, but have been lurking for some time and following Sumo for a few years. With each year, my interest has intensified, and I now follow each tournament closely. Sumo has happily filled the spectator sports void that has existed in my life since I moved from North America to Asia many years ago. I still watch baseball when I am back there for visits in the summers, but only follow the Blue Jays since I'm from Toronto. Last baseball season was dismal for the Jays, but as a former (now reformed) Leafs  fan, I'm used to that. The prospects watching Sumo are always much brighter, scandals and injuries notwithstanding. I attended one day of the January basho last year and got hooked. This year I will go to watch 4 days. I live in Taiwan, so it makes visiting Japan quite affordable, and January is a convenient time to go because of my vacation schedule. I 'm quite lucky. Nice to meet all of you. Maybe see you at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

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