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Makushita Game Kyushu 2017

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due to my other gaming duties I did not get a Makushita Game report (let alone an invitation) up and running. Hope this will be better next year. In any case, thanks to those 20 player who participated nonetheless.

As the final standings indicate, we had a four-way kettei-sen for the title, with Pepoetse winning on first bracket against the other contestants (Andoreasu, Andrasoyamawaka, Gurowake). Congratulations!

No Ozeki was kadoban, but after this basho Flohru and Torafujii will be,

Shukun-sho: Andoreasu (for picking Tochihiryu)

Kanto-sho: Andrasoyamawaka, Gurowake (64 wins)

Gino-sho: Pepoetse (23.77 points; e.g. 4 points apiece for Takayoshitoshi and Tamaki; 2.5 points for Koba).

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