Buying tickets for watching a trial?

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Today i read articles about a "black widow" on some news pages. This one had an interesting caption for the pic below:


"Schlange stehen, um beim Prozess gegen die „Schwarze Witwe“ dabei zu sein. Japaner stehen für den Eintrittskartenverkauf vor dem Gericht in Kioto an."

Standing in line to attend the "black widow" trial. Japanese queue in front of the Kyoto court to buy tickets.


What the actual f***? They sell tickets for trials in japan? Or did the news agency make a mistake?

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I can't definitely say regarding Japan, but I have heard of 'tickets' (i.e. 'take a number' type tickets or free of charge lottery) being distributed for the public gallery for high profile trials in the States.  People queue and are given a ticket with a number on it and either the first however many people are allowed in, or they pull numbers from a hat and whoever in the queue holds the corresponding number gets to go in.  I would be astonished if any country that holds trials with a public gallery actually sold tickets for money as it would undermine the fundamental principle that justice must be seen to be done.  

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