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Kyushu 2017

Kyushu 2017  

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  1. 1. To wall or not to wall

    • Asanoyama hits career-wall
    • Asanoyama misses career-wall
    • Onosho finally gets caught and beaten up by the makuuchi-wall
    • Onosho evades the makuuchi-wall for a 4th time
    • Daiamami hits makuuchi-wall
    • Daiamami misses makuuchi-wall
    • Aminishiki hits makuuchi-wall-for-well-aged-rikishi
    • Aminishiki misses makuuchi-wall-for-well-aged-rikishi
    • Daiseido hits juryo-wall
    • Daisido misses juryo-wall
    • Takanosho hits juryo-wall
    • Takanosho misses juryo-wall
  2. 2. Promotion/demotion/kadoban

    • Takayasu stays Ozeki
    • Takayasu enters, but has to drop out and gets demoted
    • Takayasu doesn't even enter and gets demoted - IF this happens, no votes will be accepted for the Takayasu-question from the day on the news get out, so vote soon
    • Terunofuji KK 10-5 or higher, back to Ozeki
    • Terunofuji KK 8-7 or 9-6, stays Sekiwake
    • Terunofuji MK, gets demoted
    • Goeido MK/kadoban (you KNOW it's time again)
    • Goeido KK-k-c-combobreaker
    • Osunaarashi stays in juryo
    • Osunaarashi demoted to makushita
    • Gagamaru stays in juryo
    • Gagamaru demoted to makushita
  3. 3. Colour of the macaron

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  • Poll closed on 12/11/17 at 13:00

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Benihana    391

Final basho-poll of the year and what a year it was. We started with 3 Yokozuna and 4 Ozeki. The Yokozuna are 1 up, but we "lost" 3 Ozeki and got a new one. Will we see more Ozeki-switcheroo in Kyushu? Bonus point for guessing Takayasu's outcome correct.

Edited by Benihana

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