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65th All Japan College & Corporate Sumo Kariya Tournament (2017-9-10)

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Individual Competition

Winner - Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助, Nihon University)


Runner-Up - Ohara Yusuke (大原 佑介, Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences)


Semi-Finals - Kamiyama Tatsuya (神山 達哉, Aisin Seiki)
Semi-Finals - Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理, Toyo University)



Team Competition

Winner - Aisin Seiki


Runner-Up - Nihon University


Semi-Finals - Wakayama Prefectural Office
Semi-Finals - Toyo University



This is the first team competition that Toyo University have failed to win in a long time, as the more experienced rikishi at Aisin Seiki revved their way to their first team yusho in this event. They beat Toyo in the semi-finals, and then Nihon in the final (2-1, with Kizaki Shinnosuke getting Nihon's only win in the match).

Nishino Tomonori, the winner of the All Japan Weight-Category Tournament a few weeks ago, could only reach the semi-finals this time, as he lost out to the eventual winner, Nihon University's Kizaki Shinnosuke. Speaking of Nishino, one of his childhood rivals was someone called Utetsu Fumiya, who has just received his second Kanto-Sho as well as his inaugural kinboshi, and is about to become a sanyaku.

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