Double-checking the Sumo DB's names of foreign rikishi - United States

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Tsuchinoninjin    275
On 9/16/2017 at 15:40, ryafuji said:

That's a Wikipedia mirror site - both Asashosakari and I have been looking at the original, which is Unfortunately it is lacking in citations and cannot be in any way regarded as definitive.

I did some work trying to find out if this guy's middle name is legit. From that wikipedia page:

  • Takamio Daisei - Sione (John) Tekeriri Feleunga - Hawaii - 1986–1997 - makushita 2

I even narrowed down who made that edit and it was that one M guy who made about a billion really quick. Anyway, I couldn't find anything about Tekeriri other than that's the noise the Shoggoth makes in the Japanese translation of Lovecraft, let alone 'Sione'. For what its worth the guy has facebook and his name there is just John Feleunga. I guess we could ask but I'd rather not stalk people down like that.

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Yamanashi    135

I ran across this picture in an archive of the Tokyo Weekender (10/24/1980), showing Bryn George (Wakatakami) at a dinner in Tokyo, sporting a kimono (?).


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