Guess Kisenosato's Aite (K1W Tochiozan) - September 2017

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Jakusotsu    1,790

Final results:

What started to look like a yusho for the Kyokai eventually turned into a quite regular finish. McBugger gets the yusho on tie-breaker for predicting day 9 correctly (which Gurowake didn't), and I guess the tie-breaker wouldn't have been necessary if McBugger didn't miss the obvious day 1. All of his 10 wins were assembled within the final 10 days, which constitutes the first ever double-digits shukunsho - amazing!

McBugger (10-2-3)
Gurowake (10-5)
chishafuwaku (8-7)
kuroimori (8-6-1)
Jakusotsu (7-8)
Ryoshishokunin (7-6-2)
Gernobono (6-8-1)
Sakura (6-8-1)
Tenshinhan (6-7-2)
Jejima (5-10)
orandashoho (5-10)
Profomisakari (5-10)
Andonishiki (5-5-5)
shimodahito (3-12)
The Kyokai (2-13)
PawnSums (0-0-15)
PhorCillic (0-0-15)

Tochiozan's aites: 1. Harumafuji, 2. Shohozan, 3. Chiyotairyu, 4. Shodai, 5. Tamawashi, 6. Yoshikaze, 7. Mitakeumi, 8. Kotoshogiku, 9. Hokutofuji, 10. Goeido, 11. Onosho, 12. Ichinojo, 13. Kagayaki, 14. Takakeisho, 15. Chiyonokuni

McBugger (10-2-3) (Yushowinner...)

McBugger    10
Jakusotsu    6
Gurowake    6
kuroimori    5
chishafuwaku    5
Sakura    5
Tenshinhan    5
Andonishiki    3
Gernobono    3
Ryoshishokunin    3

Gurowake    3
chishafuwaku    4
Profomisakari    4

Gurowake    3
Profomisakari    3
McBugger    3

orandashoho    2
kuroimori    1


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Atenzan    691

Arigatou schön! This is my first-ever sumo games yusho of any kind. I thought I would have to scrape for a KK after starting 0-2-3 but there you have it. Thanks Jakusotsu and Jejima for running the game, and I will honour your efforts by further gambarizing and doing my own style of torikumi guessing in the bashos to come.

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Jakusotsu    1,790
2 hours ago, Sakura said:

I posted 15. Chiyonokuni, but it's not there. What happened to it? :-(

Forgot to press "Submit"? Happened to me a couple of times with Bout Time in the past.

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Jejima    270

Omedetou to McBugger! Many thanks to Jakusotsu.

Final banzuke post, and new banzuke post will be done when I am back in Hong Kong, with a reliable PC, (about 10 days from now.)

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Jejima    270

Here are the final results for September!

Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 8-6-1)
Andonishiki (O1E 5-5-5) O1 Gurowake (O1W 10-5)
Gernobono (O2E 6-8-1)  O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-7) S1 Sakura (S1W 6-8-1)
                                                  S2 Jejima (S2W 5-10)
Tenshinhan (K1E 6-7-2)  K1    orandashoho (K1W 5-10) 

Profomisakari (M1E 5-10)  M1 Ryoshishokunin (M1W 7-6-2)  
McBugger (M2E 10-2-3 
(Crowned...))   M2 The Kyokai (M2W 2-13)
shimodahito (M3E 3-12) M3 PawnSums (M3W 0-0-15)
PhorCillic (M4E 0-0-15)  M4  

WAKATAKE (mz 7-8)

KK line: 7-8
OQ line: 9-6

Yusho: McBugger (M2E 10-2-3)
Jun-Yusho: Gurowake (O1W 10-5)

Shukunsho: McBugger
Kantosho: Gurowake
Ginosho: Gurowake, Profomisakari, McBugger

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Jejima    270

New banzuke for November 2017

Kuroimori (Y1W 8-6-1) Y1 Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8)
Gurowake (O1W 10-5) O1 Gernobono (O2E 6-8-1)
Andonishiki (O1E 5-5-5) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-7) S1 McBugger (M2E 10-2-3
Ryoshishokunin (M1W 7-6-2) K1 Sakura (S1W 6-8-1)  

Tenshinhan (K1E 6-7-2) M1 Jejima (S2W 5-10)  
orandashoho (K1W 5-10) M2 Profomisakari (M1E 5-10)

shimodahito (M3E 3-12) M3 The Kyokai (M2W 2-13) 
WAKATAKE (mz 7-8) M4  

PawnSums (M3W 0-0-15)
PhorCillic (M4E 0-0-15)

Although he once again missed out on getting an OQ, Yokozuna Kuroimori got a 'good' KK, and is now the top ranked Yokozuna.  He is to be commended for moving his GKA Sumo in the right direction.

Although he managed a KK, Yokozuna Jakusotsu is urged to show better quality sumo in November.

Ozeki Gurowake is no longer kadoban.  In fact, he ended up a good Jun-Yusho.  He will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna with a Yusho, (or a very good Jun-Yusho) in November.

Ozekis Gernobono and Andonishiki both ended up with MKs.  They will both be kadoban in November, and will both require KKs to keep their Ozeki ranks.

Sekiwake McBugger will be considered for promotion to Ozeki, if he wins the Yusho in November.

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