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Winter jungyo 2017

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Akinomaki    17,141

The jungyo is over by now - and Kakuryu as bad as before: on the 16th he only lent his chest to Shodai for butsukari-geiko. The bruised hip is OK, it was the reason for kyujo last basho, but in addition to the injury at the right leg, her has an inflammation at the left leg now. "When I'm back in Tokyo, I can take care of it."

The 2 days in Okinawa also had tournaments of makuuchi 16 - on the 16th Takayasu won it, in the final against Onosho. Today Hakuho won the final against Takayasu.


the poster for Okinawa with Harumafuji removed

sum17121705010001-m1.jpgo 20171217s00005000002000p_thum.jpgo

Endo campaigns against violence groups


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Akinomaki    17,141


with the kids

DRUCdmaV4AAqPIs.jpg:thumbo DRUCgmpV4AAMDYr.jpg:thumbo DRT7IxIVwAAjjOI.jpg:thumbo DRT7KxOV4AAUAF8.jpg:thumbo DRT68BDVoAA2emw.jpg:thumboちびっこ相撲に会場から拍手が沸いた=16日、宜野湾コンベンションセンターo



DRT6UHiV4AEoxAI.jpg:thumbo DRT5oXjUMAEcA5V.jpg:thumbo DRT5T86UIAEjIHK.jpg:thumbo

Hakuho - the final day winner

201712180000190-w200_0.jpgo sum17121805020001-m1.jpgo


with Daieisho


the final apology - and it ended "with a satisfying result" - not bad for a jungyo headed by Kasugano

201712180000190-w200_1.jpgo dly1712170014-g1.jpgo

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