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Nagoya Superbanzuke 2017

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The biggest news about the new Superbanzuke is that there's relatively little news... Anyways...

Yokozuna Susanoo defends the top spot on the Superbanzuke. He is joined by Natsu Basho Masters winner Pandaazuma who returns to Yokozuna for the first time since Kyushu 2015. I find it hard to fathom that such an excellent player was not in the highest rank for such a long time.

Flohru remains the top Ozeki. Taka improved by more than a 1000 points after his Natsu Basho Masters jun-yusho coup. He moves up to Ozeki for the first time since Haru 2012 and easily crosses 5000 points for the first time ever.

The second Ozeki tier is populated by de-yokozuna'd Gurowake and by Konosato.

Randomitsuki and ScreechingOwl (return to his highest rank, new points record) are the two Sekiwake while Natsu Banzuke Ozeki duo Norizo and Kitakachiyama round out the sanyaku as Komusubi.


Among Maegashira, DeRosa moves up one rank and now sits on a career-high M3. He also cleared 3000 points for the first time ever.

Kaiomitsuki returned to his career-high M4 (previously held in January), but clearly misses out on his points record from the Hatsu Superbanzuke.

Haidouzo improves his career record from M6 to M5, but misses his previous points record from last basho by just 2 points.

And Nantonoyama repeats on a career-high M15 for the second time in a row. Each time, this was accompanied by a new points record.


In Juryo, we have new career highs from Holleshoryu (J2), nacchabo (J4), Hokuranzan (J5), and shin-Juryo Suwihito (J10).

Oh, and because she asked about it: Sakura finally made her Superbanzuke debut on Makushita 58! Way to go!

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Appreciate your efforts and all the hard work, Rando-san. Domo arigato!  (Signofapproval...)


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Until some time last year I had never really cared more about SB than WC placings but frustratingly last year WC-points just weren't happening despite me feeling pretty good about my sumo-gaming performances, which is far from always the case, and at some point, maybe for the first time ever crazily enough, I started seriously appreciating rising on various Banzuke (+holding on) over WC top 10 placements or failure to do so.

It was quite satisfying and also a much needed motivational refill and I guess this is the culmination.

Now, there are actually room to grow in some places (I was once again NC entry-didn't happen victim for starters and then there are games where I've done better in the past and quite fancy myself - it may also finally be time to try out GTB) but of course downswings will happen, some drastic ones too, and I fully expect some notable gamers to rise again and overtake me, but in the midst of seemingly Pandaazuma sumo-gaming invincibility, for this player, this is a nice bright spot.


As always, thank you Randomitsuki for still doing this!


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