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Another special about Ryogoku today - restaurants, shops (Lion-do of course), monuments and the dohyo outside of the kokugikanなりゆき街道旅+2018年10月14日&tbm=vid


Sekai Fushigi-hakken yesterday was about Mongolia - the spot shows kids doing Mongol-zumo世界ふしぎ発見+【モンゴル+大草原に響け+八代亜紀の音魂】+2018年10月13日

at about 5min., kids on a dohyo in UlaanBaatar, on premises of Hakuho, coached by ex-Kitakasuga, a 14 year old is presented as to be in the shindeshi-kensa next year

very optimistic, I won't yet post this in the New recruits for Haru thread, but we'll see

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