An examination of the 6-basho-era ozeki

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For the first time in a long while, I have the privilege of finding myself having vast amounts of leisure time.

I am thus undergoing a thorough examination of the career results of every ozeki since Kotogahama (those who debuted at Ozeki after Aki 1957). The things I am initially tracking are:

1.  Tenure (basho ranked as Ozeki)

2. Makuuchi yusho

3. If they got promoted to yokozuna

4. Their win-loss percentage in jo'i basho (ranked in top 16)- only including basho where they fought 15 bouts, and not including playoffs

5. How many bouts of their first 100 they won in the jo'i- again, only in 15-bout basho

6. Their ozeki run- wins, sansho, yusho, yusho-doten, jun-yusho in the 3 basho prior to their promotion

7. Their age on the day of their first basho ranked as ozeki.

In this thread you can suggest more things I should track, suggest what correlations (e.g. what percentage of those promoted to ozeki before their 27th birthday made yokozuna?/ how many people with 20+ ozeki basho won 4+ makuuchi yusho? etc.) I should examine and offer your constructive comments on why this is a complete waste of both your time and my effort, using forum-appropriate language as per the mods' behest, and make suggestions to improve the thing in general.

The data gathering will be hopefully completed by Friday and published in this thread. I am doing this with pen on paper but it is likely that I will make a Google Docs doc out of it when I'm done.

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I would be curious to see how many stablemates were in the joi. Sort of a 'relative competition' thing. But I think this might be rather unwieldy and cumbersome to track. 

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Rank at retirement might be interesting. How far they allowed themselves to be demoted -- if at all -- before hanging it up, compared to their overall performance.

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I grossly underestimated the volume of work, particularly fr the jo'i W/L percentage. Will have the data tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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And it's done!

To edit the document, copy the lot into a new spreadsheet. I will double-check the data just in case this evening.

Here is the list of shikona you have to change to match the SumoDB spelling:

Taihou to Taiho

Takanohana the father/ Takanohana the son to Takanohana

Wakanohana II/III to Wakanohana

Asashio V to Asashio

Hokuten'yuu to Hokutenyu (I feel strongly enough in favour of my way here I changed my signature for this)

Oonokuni to Onokuni

Musouyama to Musoyama

Kaiou to Kaio

Asashouryuu to Asashoryu

Hakuhou to Hakuho

Kotoshougiku to Kotoshogiku

Kakuryuu to Kakuryu

Goueidou to Goeido

Bingo to Bango to Bilko ;)

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