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101st High School Sumo Kanazawa Tournament (2017-5-21)

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Individual Competition

Winner - Hatsuyama Sho (羽出山 将), Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo)

Runner-Up - Imazeki Shunsuke (今関 俊介), Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo)

Semi-Finals - Hoshiba Shinsuke (干場 伸介), Kanazawashiritsu Technical High School (Ishikawa)
Semi-Finals - Kanzaki Taiga (神﨑 大河), Kindai High School (Osaka)


Quarter-Finals - Naya Konosuke (納谷 幸之介), Saitama Sakae High School (Saitama)
Quarter-Finals - Byamba (ビャンバスレン), Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School (Chiba)
Quarter-Finals - Ida Shota (井田 翔太), Minoshima High School (Wakayama)
Quarter-Finals - Okada Naoya (岡田 尚也), Kanazawashiritsu Technical High School (Ishikawa)


Team Competition

Winner - Saitama Sakae High School (Saitama)


Runner-Up - Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo)


Semi-Finals - Mukainooka Technical High School (Kanagawa)
Semi-Finals - Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School (Chiba)

Quarter-Finals - Sambongi Agriculture High School (Aomori)
Quarter-Finals - Kindai High School (Osaka)
Quarter-Finals - Buntoku High School (Kumamoto)
Quarter-Finals - Nomura High School (Ehime)



Individual Quarter-Final #1 - Imazeki Shunsuke (今関 俊介) vs Naya Konosuke (納谷 幸之介)
Individual Quarter-Final #2 - Hoshiba Shinsuke (干場 伸介) vs Byamba (ビャンバスレン)
Individual Quarter-Final #3 - Kanzaki Taiga (神﨑 大河) vs Ida Shota (井田 翔太)
Individual Quarter-Final #4 - Hatsuyama Sho (羽出山 将) vs Okada Naoya (岡田 尚也)


Individual Semi-Final #1 - Imazeki Shunsuke (今関 俊介) vs Hoshiba Shinsuke (干場 伸介)
Individual Semi-Final #2 - Kanzaki Taiga (神﨑 大河) vs Hatsuyama Sho (羽出山 将)


Individual Final - Imazeki Shunsuke (今関 俊介) vs Hatsuyama Sho (羽出山 将)


Team Quarter-Final #1 - Sambongi Agriculture High School (Aomori) vs Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo)


Team Quarter-Final #2 - Mukainooka Technical High School (Kanagawa) vs Kindai High School (Osaka)

Team Quarter-Final #3 - Buntoku High School (Kumamoto) vs Saitama Sakae High School (Saitama)

Team Quarter-Final #4 - Nomura High School (Ehime) vs Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School (Chiba)


Team Semi-Final #1 - Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo) vs Mukainooka Technical High School (Kanagawa)


Team Semi-Final #2 - Saitama Sakae High School (Saitama) vs Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School (Chiba)


Team Final - Adachi Shinden High School (Tokyo) vs Saitama Sakae High School (Saitama)



This was a highly successful tournament for Adachi Shinden High School, as team-mates Hatsuyama Sho and Imazeki Shunsuke met in the final. Hatsuyama Sho, who is an ex-member of Tachikawa Renseikan Sumo Dojo, clearly understood the judo principle of using the opponent's strength and movement against him, as he swiftly dodges Imazeki Shunsuke's attack, sending his thin but strong and muscly club-mate flying off the dohyo. This capped a very good month for Tachikawa Renseikan Sumo Dojo, as Hokutofuji, who is also an ex-member, achieved 10 wins in the recent Natsu Basho (though it was also the month where Hirano Shurato failed to qualify for this year's wanpaku finals).

The runner-up Imazeki Shunsuke (whose forename I think was pronounced differently in the videos) is actually a well-known rikishi in amateur sumo. having been a key member of Bunkyo Harigaya Sumo Club's team when they won the 7th National Club Championships back in 2010, an amazing feat considering the club haven't done much since. He has also appeared in this TV show, where he gave Fujiazuma a run for his money. Imazeki reminds me of Komatsuryu Dojo's Yoshioka Yudai, who also shouldn't be underestimated for his size.

Adachi Shinden High School also had a very good showing in the team competition, but it was familiar winners this time too, as Saitama Sakae High School proved to be too strong, comfortably winning 3-0. In the team final, Saitama's Naya Konosuke was able to keep Imazeki away from his belt, which contributed greatly to Naya's win. In contrast, Naya wasn't able to do so in the individual quarter-final, and the result shows.

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