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Greetings from the Tama Area

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Hello, I am an American living in western Tokyo. My first experience watching sumo intently was this year's hatsubasho; my wife and I had taken her father and mother for his birthday. My wife had followed sumo quite a bit in her younger days (her favorite rikishi was Chiyonofuji) but she had not paid close attention to the sport in years. We were hooked, or in her case a former interest was rekindled, and were fortunate enough to also get tickets for the second Sunday of the recently wrapped up basho. 

We are both big fans of Kisenosato and Takayasu - a side effect  to having discovered/rediscovered our interest during their recent runs, no doubt, also my wife is from Edogawa and she enjoys the connection with the heya location. I am also a big fan of Tochinoshin and Ishiura (and of course admire Hakuho's peerless skill); my young son has taken a liking to Ikioi.  In a more casual way we follow the results of Satonofuji - we developed an interest in the fellow we watch performing the Yumitori-shiki. In any case we never miss a day of a basho and one of my real joys is getting home from work and watching the coverage on NHK.

I am grateful to have found this site with its bounty of information and insight and it's love for Sumo and I look forward to continuing to add to my understanding and appreciation of the sport.


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Welcome to the forum!

You really know that the forum is a good place to be when someone living in Tokyo, with all the wealth of information at their disposal locally, appreciates it for its bounty of information!

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