Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Chiyoshoma) - May 2017

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Just came here to start working on the final posts (Many thanks to Jakusotsu's hard work for running the game), and I am very surprised to see that I have actually won!

Well, in that case I will celebrate first with breakfast, and work on the final posts a little later....



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Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 6-8-1)
Andonishiki (O1E Kosho) O1 Gernobono (O1W 6-9) 
Gurowake (O2E 7-8) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8) S1 orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2)  
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-7-2) K1  Jejima (K1W 7-8
Profomisakari (M1E 7-8) M1 McBugger (M1W 3-9-3
shimodahito (M2E 5-10) M2 Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1)

Sakura (M3E 6-9) M3 The Kyokai (M3W 6-9)
PhorCillic (M4E 2-0-13)  M4  PawnSums (M4W 3-2-10)

KK line:  6-9
OQ line:  8-7

Yusho:  Jejima (K1W 7-8)
Jun-Yusho: Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8), Gurowake (O1W 7-8), chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8), orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2), Profomisakari (M1E 7-8), Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1)

Shukunsho: Jakusotsu, kuroimori, chishafuwaku, orandashoho, Jejima, shimodahito 
Kantosho: Gurowake
Ginosho:  Not awarded

Edited by Jejima

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New banzuke for July 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 6-8-1)
Gurowake (O2E 7-8) O1 Gernobono (O1W 6-9) 
Andonishiki (O1E Kosho) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8) S1 orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2)
                                       S2 Jejima (K1W 7-8
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-7-2) K1    Profomisakari (M1E 7-8)

Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1) M1 Sakura (M3E 6-9)  
The Kyokai (M3W 6-9)  M2 shimodahito (M2E 5-10)

McBugger (M1W 3-9-3) M3 PawnSums (M4W 3-2-10)
PhorCillic (M4E 2-0-13)  M4  

Yokozuna Jakusotsu is to be commended for taking a share of the Jun-Yusho - although he fell short (as did everybody!) of an Ozeki Quality performance.

Yokozuna Kuroimori onjce again just scraped a KK.  It is truly hoped that he will be once again challenging for the yusho in July.

Ozeki Gurowake will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna, if he wins the yusho in July.

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a Yusho or an Ozeki Quality Performance in July.  (Depending on the circumstances, a non OQ Jun-Yusho in July may also be enough for promotion to Ozeki).

Edited by Jejima

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First time ever I did well enough in this game for a jun-yusho or shukun-sho.
Thanks to scoremaster Jakusotsu and to Jejima for this entertaining and frustrating game!

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