Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2017 (11th Wave)

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Hi there,

this is to invite you to participate in Banzuke Surfing in the upcoming basho.
The rules are very simple.

Banzuke Surfing is run in several waves, with a new wave starting every year.

The goal is to move up the banzuke as far and fast as possible. You do so by temporarily "adopting" one or more rikishi at a given banzuke position. If your rikishi moves up the banzuke, so will you, if the rikishi moves down by getting MK, so will you (at least, if all your picked rikishi move down). If your rikishi goes intai, you will get his last position next time. In the basho after the current one you will be taking the banzuke position of the best-placed rikishi you've picked this time.

If your name appears on the list below, you have already participated. The column "Allowed Picks" shows you which rikishi of the banzuke you are allowed to pick next basho. If you are participating for the first time, you are allowed to pick any of the rikishi in the bottom 32 of the banzuke (as indicated below).
The rikishi that you are allowed to pick are all rikishi below your last (or most successful) pick. So generally, you cannot pick the same rikishi twice. An exception is if your rikishi drops into the last 32 of the banzuke or goes banzuke-gai. In this case, of course, you can pick any of the bottom 32 rikishi (just like a new player).

During your entire career of a given wave you can use up to three so-called jokers (indicated by the number of asterisks behind your name). Jokers are additional rikishi you can pick. In addition to the regular rikishi you pick for a basho, you can use as many jokers as you've still left. E.g., at the beginning of a wave you could pick four rikishi instead of one (regular + all jokers). As a consequence, the most successful one of these four will determine your new banzuke position. But on the downside this would mean that you don't have any jokers left for later bashos. So pick jokers wisely, three isn't much for a wave that might run for much more than a year.

Deadline is shonichi 8 AM JST.

All new players are allowed to pick Jk15w Toshonishiki and below.

Rank Shikona              Last Surfer     Position Allowed Picks                 
1.   Jejima               Yutakayama      M16e     J1e Sadanoumi and below            
2.   kuroimori*           Chiyoarashi     Ms15e    Ms15w Akua and below               
3.   Senkoho**            DNP(1st)        Ms23e    Ms23w Ichiki and below             
4.   Gurowake**           DNP(1st)        Ms23e    Ms23w Ichiki and below             
5.   Tenshinhan*          Ichiki          Ms23w    Ms24e Higoarashi and below         
6.   charliki             Shiba           Ms28e    Ms28w Kagamio and below            
7.   Randomitsuki*        Kagamio         Ms28w    Ms29e Nakazono and below           
8.   chishafuwaku*        Asahiryu        Ms31w    Ms32e Nankairiki and below         
9.   Andoreasu***         Asahiryu        Ms31w    Ms32e Nankairiki and below         
10.  Ryoshishokunin*      Wakatakamoto    Ms39e    Ms39w Daiseiho and below           
11.  Ganzohnesushi*       Shotenro        Ms49e    Ms49w Ohata and below              
12.  Mmikasazuma*         Shotenro        Ms49e    Ms49w Ohata and below              
13.  Jakusotsu***         Shotenro        Ms49e    Ms49w Ohata and below              
14.  Unkonoyama*          Ikegawa         Ms53w    Ms54e Okoryu and below             
15.  Fukurou**            Dairaido        Ms59w    Ms60e Suekawa and below            
16.  Achiyama*            Hitenryu        Sd15e    Sd15w Dewaazuma and below          
17.  Hironoumi***         Asakoki         Sd19w    Sd20e Kaonishiki and below         
18.  Ayagawa*             Hisanotora      Sd28w    Sd29e Asatenmai and below          
19.  Gernobono**          Kurahashi       Sd53w    Sd54e Tochinoshima and below       
20.  Kotoviki***          Kitadaichi      Sd58e    Sd58w Takamiryu and below          
21.  Terarno              Chiyodaigo      Sd74e    Sd74w Daishoki and below           
22.  Sakura***            Wakaichiro      Jd52e    Jd52w Takaseiryu and below         
23.  Wamahada***          Sekizuka        Jd63e    Jd63w Fubu and below               
24.  HYI**                DNP(1st)        Jk5w     Jk6e Tanabe and below              


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Ms23W Ichiki
* Ms25E Takayoshitoshi

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Sd17e Kotohayashi

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Ms23w Ichiki

Ms26w Chiyonoumi

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I pick W-Sandanme 75 Koshinishiki, please.


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Just a quick question regarding the tsukedashi rikishi Mitoryu, he should be ranked ms15TD (below ms15W), while the Database still lists him as Bg.

In case my assumption above is right, I'd like to pick

ms15TD Mitoryu 

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