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Aki jungyo 2017

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The PR-tour for the Aki-jungyo basho is done by Tanigawa (Hokutoriki).

A basho will be in Yachiyo, Chiba, after 23 years again, on Oct. 5th, the date to commemorate the creation of the city 50 years ago. o


And on Oct. 11th  a jungyo in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, for the 4th time there, the last 2 years ago.


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Just like last year's Aki jungyo, the 2017 edition will have 22 events. And with the winter jungyo still to come, deputy jungyo director Tamanoi-oyakata (former Ozeki Tochiazuma) says that there will be over 70 jungyo days in total for the year, the same as 2016.

Before everyone sets off on the jungyo, another "Ozumo Beyond 2020" event will take place at the Kokugikan on October 4th. No further details are available yet about what it will feature this time. Another sandangamae with Kisenosato and Hakuho would be nice! While not officially part of the jungyo, it is shown on the handwritten schedule shown below.

October 5th - Yachiyo, Chiba (Site)
October 6th - Yokohama, Kanagawa
October 7th - Saitama, Saitama (Site)
October 8th - Fuji, Shizuoka (Site)
October 9th - Chikusei, Ibaraki (Site)
October 11th - Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
October 12th - Ichinomiya, Aichi (Site)
October 13th - Nagano, Nagano (Site)
October 14th - Kanazawa, Ishikawa (Site)
October 15th - Kyoto, Kyoto (Site)
October 17th - Takayama, Gifu (Site)
October 18th - Tsu, Mie
October 19th - Kashiba, Nara
October 20th - Hirakata, Osaka
October 21st - Kishiwada, Osaka (Site)
October 22nd - Osaka, Osaka* (Site)
October 24th - Okayama, Okayama (Site)
October 25th - Yabu, Hyogo (Site)
October 26th - Tottori, Tottori (Site)
October 27th - Matsue, Shimane (Site)
October 28th - Hiroshima, Hiroshima (Site)
October 29th - Fukuyama, Hiroshima (Site)

* Referred to as Naniwa Basho, held in the same venue as the Haru basho.


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