Kensho Kyushu 2016

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Endo started likely with 5 fixed every day and later more again for good performance, plus those from the opponent plus maybe some extra for the type of bout/day. Only 6 against Kisenosato!

Later on it gets difficult to check, day 1: 7 to Takayasu, day 5: 11 to Harumafuji, day 7: 11 to Kakuryu, day 9: 10 to Takarafuji ...???... day 15: 9 to Tamawashi. For the others I have to check available videos. Day 11 to Yoshikaze 11-13.

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Did anyone notice how many kensho (banners) appeared in Bout17 (Takayasu v. Terunofuji)?  My TV coverage only showed the tail end of the parade...  I can only assume that there were 5 Nagatanien banners followed by two others?  

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On 13.11.2016 at 18:58, Akinomaki said:
On 26.2.2015 at 20:22, Akinomaki said:

Goeido was appointed SHOP-manager-for-a-day at an optician's store and had to wear glasses - for eyesight 1.0.

The shop was close to his hometown and an acquaintance runs it. A CM is planned.

(that must lead to several fixed kensho for Goeido's bouts for Haru)

This basho that store puts 1 kensho on all his 15 bouts - the store went once bankrupt in 2013. So far they only placed  kensho for Haru. Should Goeido get the rope, he might also get to do another day as shop manager.

Also without it, he was at the store today, for the event of 40 years since the main store opened: "When I need glasses one day, I will first and foremost use some from Vision Megane." http://www.tokyo-sports.co.jp/sports/sumou/622916/



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The complete list of known kensho won (without those now in juryo, down or still, e.g. Ura won a kensho in Aki), derived from the Nikkan banzuke

Kakuryu 207
Hakuho 181
Harumafuji 136
Kisenosato 102
Goeido 95
Terunofuji 90
Endo 79
Tamawashi 59
Kotoshogiku 50
Yoshikaze 31
Takarafuji 30
Takayasu 29
Shodai 28
Aoiyama 18
Ishiura 18
Okinoumi 16
Tochiozan 12
Myogiryu 12
Mitakeumi 12
Ichinojo 11
Ikioi 9
Tochinoshin 9
Arawashi 8
Kotoyuki 7
Takekaze 7
Shohozan 7
Chiyonokuni 5
Kagayaki 5
Takanoiwa 4
Gagamaru 3
Daishomaru 3
Sokokurai 3
Chiyotairyu 3
Kaisei 2
Chiyoshoma 2
Nishikigi 1
Hokutofuji 1
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