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Kill the table

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While composing the post, the table can be deleted by "select all" or "select till the end" from a text line before the table and then "delete". When editing, only select all deletes the table, else the white-space remains.

IF a text had been put before the table, the white-space table can be hidden in a spoiler, but only by typing the BBCode for it.

In the next stage the spoiler can be deleted - and the table is at last gone.

Edited by Akinomaki

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all just part of the table

01: J3e Azumaryu (6-5): yorikiri M15w Kyokushuho (5-6)

00: M12w Chiyoshoma (7-4): tsukiotoshi M15e Tokushoryu (5-6)
00: M11e Sokokurai (4-7): yorikiri M13e Amakaze (3-8)
00: M10w Sadanoumi (5-6): yorikiri M16e Daieisho (3-8)
00: M14w Kagayaki (7-4): yorikiri M10e Arawashi (3-8)
01: M9w Takekaze (7-4): okuridashi M12e Gagamaru (5-6)
00: M9e Nishikigi (5-6): oshidashi M13w Toyohibiki (3-8)
07: M6w Tamawashi (8-3): tsukiotoshi M14e Endo (9-2)
00: M7e Shohozan (7-4): oshidashi M6e Chiyonokuni (6-5)
01: M5e Aoiyama (6-5): hatakikomi M8w Kotoyuki (8-3)
02: M4e Myogiryu (4-7): oshidashi M7w Ikioi (5-6)
02: M8e Daishomaru (3-8): oshidashi M3e Takanoiwa (4-7)
00: M2w Shodai (4-7): fusen M4w Chiyootori (1-10)
01: K1w Tochiozan (4-7): hatakikomi M1w Yoshikaze (4-7)
00: K1e Kaisei (4-7): yorikiri M2e Tochinoshin (2-9)
04: S1w Takarafuji (4-7): yoritaoshi M1e Okinoumi (7-4)
04: M5w Mitakeumi (8-3): sotogake O1w Terunofuji (4-7)
24: O2e Goeido (11-0): watashikomi O1e Kisenosato (8-3)
14: Y2e Kakuryu (8-3): tsukiotoshi O2w Kotoshogiku (7-4)
35: S1e Takayasu (9-2): tsukiotoshi Y1e Harumafuji (9-2)

Select all, cut, add a text line on top, paste - adding text lines before and after.

For some reason the first post of a thread has the full editor options on edit, the other posts have no font/spoiler/code options.



Edited by Akinomaki

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