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NHK world Japanese lesson with sumo

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Episode 12 of the language learning program Japan-easy on NHK World is with amateur rikishi and sumo inspired. The lesson and videos are already on the site:

also a yokozuna yusho interview


This video is an interview with Daieiumi, the yokozuna from the U.K. who has overcome his injuries and won the championship.
The announcer was asking about his injury.

Aired/On the net stream 3 times: NHK WORLD TV TV Schedule - adapts to your time-zone

All lessons so far are on the program page:

My saying - Japanese is the easiest language in the world - at least to (learn to) speak


Explore the wonders of Japan and the Japanese language!

Through useful and basic conversations, viewers will navigate from everyday Japanese life to what’s new in Japan, and see that “Japanese is easy!”

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