Chiyonofuji passing

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Today was the tsuya (wake) for Chiyonofuji, with over 2000 acquaintances taking part, from sports, entertainment etc.

Tomorrow the funeral.

News videos:

ANN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWX70mwXaFw

Kyodo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o81MrrCmn3k

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I visited the heya yesterday. I brought flowers and placed them at the base of Chiyonofuji's statue.


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Chiyonofuji will only get the 3rd class rank of the Order of the Rising Sun posthumously, 旭日中綬章 Gold Rays with neck ribbon, riji-cho Kitanoumi had received the 2nd 旭日重光章.
His wife of course gives her deepest thanks. He will also be invested with the lesser 4th court rank, same as Kitanoumi. http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2016082600605&g=spo

His posthumous Buddhist name is
千久院殿金剛貢力優禅大居士 Senkyuu-inden Kongou-kouriki Yuushouzen-daigoshi
All the names of the family:
千 from Chiyonofuji 千代の富士,  久 from Kumiko 久美子, his wife's first name, -inden is a name indicator like -san, but high class. Daikoji denotes the highest class of -inden names.
剛 is his son's, 優 and 梢 the daughters' first names, which he maybe gave them to have yusho together (the 2nd is another kanji though and as her name it reads Kozue)
力 from rikishi, with 金剛 as in Kongo-rikishi, the heavenly warriors as statues at the Nara temple, 貢 is supported, 禅 like in Zen Buddhism.

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On 27.8.2016 at 14:52, Akinomaki said:

the farewell event for the fans at the entrance of the kokugikan on Oct 1st

For the event the special pics-banzuke of 50 career stages of Chiyonofuji will be on sale, which usually can only be obtained at the memorial museum in his hometown in Hokkaido. After intai just a few 1000 had been printed and only a few remain. A limited number has been reprinted for this and it will be on sale in a special box to avoid folding it, which was how it had been sold originally. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/column/sumo/news/1715799.html


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