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Seki-Toto Game Page Request

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Concerning the various versions of the Sekitoto game page on various servers, and the incorrect links to and within those pages, I know the people who run the game may not have the time or inclination to make any changes, but it's been bugging me for a long time now. It's not a big thing if you have the correct links, but considering a major source of info to get to the game has an incorrect link, I'm going to put out what I'm seeing. At least this could be the beginning of a work/to-check list if anyone decides to straighten things out. So here's what I'm seeing.

Starting with Exil's game deadline list in this forum, the link for Sekitoto takes you to Register, Entry, and Results on anasuya all take you to, which is a dead link. Rules takes you to the Sekitoto rules on anasuya, Banzuke takes you to the Natsu 2010 banzuke on anasuya, and Archive goes to a game archive last updated with Haru 2010, again on anasuya.

If you start from the Super Banzuke Games List you get correct links for Entry, Rules, and Results on (once on you can get to both Register and Rules, both based on that server). Banzuke takes you to the Sumo Games section on Sumo Forum.

If you mouseover the Sekitoto banner on the games list it shows (at least it shows me) that I will be sent to, but in actuality you are redirected to the anasuya page (see above). Once you're on, Entry, Rules, Results, and Register are all available from pages based on that server. Clicking Home takes you to anasuya's page, Banzuke goes to the 2010 banzuke as described earlier, while Archive is present but disabled.

As I see it, fix #1 is to update the link on Exil's game deadline list. As for the rest, the "easiest" fixes would be, if possible, to do away with anasuya and put everything on If anasuya can't be eliminated from the game, then correct the links that point to Point the Banzuke link to Sumo Forum (as it is on the SB games list). Either update or completely remove the Archive.

My 2 cents.

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I agree with all of this. As a new player, I feel like I've spent far more time each day trying to log in and find the entry form than I have debating and choosing my picks! (Although, since I'm currently standing at 1-2, I probably could spend a bit more time thinking through my choices.)

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