A task for lower ranked rikishi is the yumitori-shiki. 2 are in charge of it, in case something happens. Usually rikishi from the heya of a yokozuna do this, since the dance was originally that of a winning yokozuna.
The main performer now is Satonofuji, from Harumafuji's heya, who did it for 3 years so far.
New to the task since the Fujisawa jungyo on the 9th is Kasugaryu, not from the heya but a tsukebito of Hakuho. He replaces heya-mate Mizuguchi.
All parts of the ceremony have a meaning: holding the bow in the middle and cutting through the air to purify the air, the gesture to dig into the dohyo to purify the soil from evil spirits. The shiko stamping in the end to solidify the dohyo again, that had been digged up.
Satonofuji about the movements, laughingly: "It's simple" - but actually it seems it's not, especially not for someone new to it: Kasugaryu was nervous, there was some confusion as he appeared in the hana-michi too early and other things: "I made a mistake!".
He had a try also in Kawasaki and Machida and: "I want to practice it also at the next jungyo"
training on the asphalt outside

video of his 2nd try