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A new member from Hungary

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Thanks for all the info guys!

The NSK looks kind of greedy, don't they? Just think about how expensive the stream is...

Another question:

When I joined the forum, I registered with my real name, but then I managed to choose a catchy shikona for myself :) Is there a chance to change my name on the forum? I can see "Display name history" on the profile menu, but then I can't find the place to change my name.

I even thought that I can't change it until a certain amount of time on the forum, or a certain number of posts...

What's the deal with this?

Thanks in advance!

egribalint is already a very cool name,

hard to improve upon

maybe think twice

Thanks for the compliment wuli!

But when I entered my list to GTB game, I chose the name Wakaebala - a name that I also like :)

I've already wrote a letter to Exil, so I think in a couple of days I'm gonna have a new member name...

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