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Nishonoseki-o-kami-san sings again

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Former singer Mizue Takada (55), who stopped her career when she married then ozeki Wakashimazu in 1985, now Nishonoseki-oyakata (Matsugane before), has one day off from heya duty to sing at the NHK "Omoide no Melody" music show on August 8th (I'll listen to it on JSTV - picture scrambled though).


debut 1977
Last appearance at the NHK year-end singing Kohaku-Utagassen in 1984
intai 1985
no date
2013 watching over Shohozan's wedding press conference

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She had a tasteful singing voice. Cute, smart girl with a good sense of humor, she was not only on song shows but frequently on popular variety/comedy shows. At the press conference on their engagement, asked what she liked ( loved ) about him, she answered, "He never lies" - so impressive a line that I still remember that.

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