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Jesse Kahoaalohakūpaʻa


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Aloha kākou,

First let me say mahalo to all the moderators/host and contributors to the forum. This is a great site and I have been stalking on and off for a

couple of years now but have finally registered.

For your sake I’ll just keep this short…

I’m a former collegiate/Greco-Roman wrestler. Discovered Sumo when I was causally researching other forms of grappling from around

the world. Been following professional Japanese Sumo wrestling since 2002. I was blown away by the determination and drive of a one

Asashōryū (朝青龍) and made every effort to watch as many Basho as I could; not an easy endeavor living in the states!

When Nihon Sumo Kyokai started steaming Basho live starting with Jonokuchi matches I was in heaven… now those days are gone, but oh well.

Not sure how much I will be able to contribute but I will do my best to offer some substance to any posts/thread I participate in!

Mahalo nui, everyone, for reading! - Jesse

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A person from Hawaii named Jesse... That sounds familiar... ;-) Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the forum Jesse


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