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what is the next dimension, the neighbor, you can talk to

When you do kuukido, you

Family meeting

The weather

Bio upgrade

in the dojo

Senate meeting


The power of belief

Change of perspective


Walk in the park

Hello, looks like we have to leave the park - thunderstorm 381 is on the way and here in less than an hour. How many trees will it cost this time, I wonder.

Yes, each time they a few fall down. Hi, I'm Ai.

Oh, hi I, I'm Mike - that's quite an ego name - just with one I?

No, it's A-I, the opposite of an ego name, it means love.

Ah, you're the Ai with the AI.

Yeah, I get that joke every day.

Are you preparing for the full exam?

Yes, I do kuukido park walk.

Do you use the corner with the small lake and the bushes? Many go there for breathe and bend, I love to be there right before a storm. Then nobody is there and it is peaceful. I use the chance



Mike Ender - the hero - Micromacrend - 16

Ron - his little brother - Ronenobo -9

Jane - his mother - 49

Mark - his father - Prony - 50

Nick - his friend - - 16

Aki  - his uncle - Jakibitt - 61

Miki  - his rival - Noneneco - 15

Aron - his sensei - Aronym - 81

Ai - his girl - Iwintend - 17

Sara - his older sister - Rah - 22

Nico - her boyfriend - Croex0 - 25



I remembered the wisdom - reason alone gets you nowhere - that is 2 dimensional logic, . And I found the application for such a network, with relative thinking.

The whole story of the paradox is

How do I win against an invincible foe?

You already know what to do, the best way to get rid of your enemy is to make him your friend

And how do I make him my friend?

Tell him how to get stronger.

And what do I have to tell him? - now we are getting to a 2 dimensional question, and need a 3 dimensional answer

When is 1+0=2 ? When both work for higher goal

What do good and evil have in common? They both have to work for a higher goal - together


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