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Low ranked rikishi stories

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On 11/05/2019 at 00:29, Senkoho said:

I don't know if this is the right thread to post this in but here we go. 

Good news from ex-Orora's Instagram! He's losing weight - he's currently at 235 kg (down from 293), having lost 58 kg in 3-4 months. His current goal seems to be  205 kg, which he writes would be okay for him given his height (193 cm). Fingers crossed! 

Down to 204 kg.


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On 19/08/2018 at 07:43, Akinomaki said:

Kiribayama at the Michinoku-beya training camp in Ashikaga, Tochigi, promised the oyakata revenge at the Aki-basho for Nagoya, where he lost the last bout at 3-3 and with that forfeited the sure ticket to juryo.

In 2014 he was invited by a friend to an ability test to become a rikishi in Japan - he had no intention to become one, but took part out of curiosity. With 4 other Mongolians he trained at Michinoku-beya. He had judo experience, but none of sumo, a height of over 180cm, but had not even 70kg. "He showed the most sumo sense among the 5", Michinoku-oyakata recalls, but the oyakata initially had no intention to take a foreigner into the heya again: a koenkai member had persuaded him to have this "test". As the oyakata had made no decision after nearly 1 month of training, this member demanded "Which one will you take? They are all waiting." And apart from the most sumo sense, Kiribayama won the heart of the oyakata with his expressed intention of "I want to become a rikishi to give something back to my parents. And someday I want to call my parents to Japan" (that's just like most young Japanese new recruits tell in their initial comments, alongside the aim for yokozuna).

Starting in maezumo Natsu 2015, he made it to makushita for Hatsu 2016, but before the Nagoya basho injured ligaments in the right knee and was the whole basho kyujo: "It taught me that I had to build a body so that I won't get injured." But the Aki basho last year he was again kyujo  due to injury. After each kyujo he fought back 6-1, and with the yusho at the Natsu basho he gained prominence.

But the night before the decisive final bout last basho "The thoughts about that with a win I could become sekitori didn't let me sleep. On the dohyo I was nervous and couldn't do my sumo. From this I learned that I mustn't think about future things and have to concentrate on the sumo right before my eyes."

The oyakata tells that Kiribayama was really stiff then, but thinks it was a valuable experience - he had told him afterwards: "You said that you'd aim for yokozuna as you entered. You are looking at much higher, so becoming juryo is just a transit point. Hence there is only training now."

Kiribayama thus thought he had to train much more - and injured his back during the Ashikaga training camp. The oyakata told him "Don't overdo it, it's OK to rest", but every morning he stepped onto the dohyo and did the basics - making the oyakata look fondly at this figure of his deshi, who tries to use the makekoshi as encouragement: "I think he will do OK, because even with an injured back, he has this attitude of wanting to perform."

Kiribayama aims to do sumo like Harumafuji.



I enjoyed reading this, and he's a wrestler clearly on his way up with two super strong basho in a row and a fighting spirit prize. His entry into makuuchi last basho with an 11-4 would have gotten much more attention were it not for the performance of the other Megashira-17 in the Hatsu basho.

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