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Nomi-no-Sukune, with whom sumo is said to have begun, is present everywhere recently. Wakanosato in his lecture on sumo told the story in detail, a new kesho-mawashi design with him is made and now the Nomi-no-Sukune Nara governor trophy, the first trophy from Nara prefecture.
The place where that mythical first bout before the Tenno took place is said to be in Nara and they want to use it for PR for visiting the region.
The bronze trophy (15kg) had cost 2.2 million yen to make. It goes with 500 000 yen prize money an assortment of chicken and vegetables etc. for chanko for 300 persons, worth about 250 000 yen, the trophy will of course go back.
Starting at the Hatsu basho for the makuuchi yusho at the 3 Tokyo basho for 3 years.



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