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Natsu 2014 Masters Series

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Another basho is in the bag...

See the results of the Natsu Masters Series here

This is one for the tabloids. Fujisan was Sumo Gaming World Champion in 2009, but he has never won a Green Mawashi so far. In fact, his gaming performance over the last few years was anything but stellar. But out of left field he rose like a phoenix, grabbing his first ever Masters title. Fujisan won the yusho in ISP and Paper Oyakata. He also finished third in Odd Sumo, among other things.

Reigning World Champion Andoreasu was very close behind with only 2 points margin. For his second place, and a double yusho in prestigious games Toto and Quad he receives the shukun-sho. It's already his fifth Outstanding Performance Prize, making him the sole leader in that category.

Asashosakari won his first sansho ever, the Technique Prize gino-sho for good gaming in pre-basho games (e.g. Oracle and Hoshitori) and daily games (e.g. a jun-yusho in Chaingang).

Finally, the Fighting Spirit Prize goes to Flohru for finishing among the top 10 in seven games. This is his fifth kanto-sho in his career, equalizing the record mark set by Golynohana, Doitsuyama, and Tosahayate.

Congratulation to all the winners!

Also updated:

World Championship Standings

At the top there are five players within a 10-point margin. And lots of others who can join the fray in the remaining tournaments. That could be exciting! ScreechingOwl leads the way in front of the Cracovian Dragon Smoczayama. Norizo has also joined the Century Club while Flohru and Andoreasu are very very close behind.

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Brilliant as always, Rando-san. Thanks a lot for all your efforts to keep the Championship so exciting.


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Thanks Rando....


I graciously accept my first green mawashi and give notice that I am going to chase the 2014 World championship,or at the very least reclaim my "Top British player" spot from Pandaazuma......

Special thanks to all the games rijicho.....

Also thanks to Jakusotsu who's help has been invaluable for the last two years since my computer died...........

Thanks one and all and for those who think they will never find glory in the games,keep trying If I can do it anyone can...

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