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Nagoya Basho 2014 PR (images)

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Dark horse, maybe. With three yokozuna and Endo now, nobody expects Hak to win anymore, right? Right?

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Speaking of Nagoya, I'll be attending on day 10. I used to live in the area and always wanted to attend the dohyo-iri at Atsuta Shrine nearby. Does anyone happen to know the date that it will be held this year? Also, do they have a yusho parade for Nagoya and if so does anyone know the route and a good viewing spot? Any help would be great.

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Thanks Asanomeshi. I had been checking their site and waiting for it to update. After doing some research on past dohyo-iri's at Atsuta Jingu, it seems they are regularly held two Saturdays before the start of the basho. That would put this year's ceremony on July 5th. I think it starts around 1PM.

Also, the dohyo matsuri should be held on July 12th at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium. I hope to catch this an the yusho parade on the 27th.

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A general Ozumo basho PR video from the NSK with English titles

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The Nagoya basho organising team show off the basho poster. Seated is director Chiganoura-oyakata (former Sekiwake Masudayama). Standing from left are Wakamatsu (former Maegashira Asanowaka), Tokiwayama (former Komusubi Takamisugi), Tatsutayama (former Maegashira Sasshunada) and Wakafuji (former Maegashira Otsukasa).



The team also attended an basho launch party with an assortment of no doubt important guests. Wakafuji and Tokiwayama kept them entertained with a karaoke performance.




And here's the team one more time with the gomenfuda.


Incidentally, some gomenfuda of the past are on display in an exhibition at the sumo museum, along with various other 'basho preparation' items. The exhibition began on June 24th and runs until August 22nd.


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Couldn't decide where else to put this, so - some pictures from the Kyokai of the pre-basho zenyasai event.

The show kicks off with a yosedaiko performance from Sadogatake-beya yobidashi Kotoyoshi. Yosedaiko is performed on the morning of each honbasho day as an invitation for spectators to come and watch the sumo.


Hosting the show was Atsuki Ito, announcer with CBC television (a Nagoya-area channel), joined by guests Demon Kakka and Eri Koizumi. CBC will screen a recording of the zenyasai today (July 12th) at 4:30pm.


Opening address from Chiganoura-oyakata (former Sekiwake Masudayama), in charge of the Kyokai's Nagoya basho team.


Dohyo-iri from the three Yokozuna.




Tamanoi-oyakata and Asakayama-oyakata (former Ozeki Tochiazuma and Kaio) give their predictions for the basho.


The Yokozuna and Ozeki give interviews.








Ikioi, Chiyootori and Endo take part in some kind of table soccer game, and give interviews afterwards.





Osunaarashi and Tamaasuka take on some local children.




And finally, Kotoyoshi returns to conclude the zenyasai with another performance, this time hanedaiko. Hanedaiko is performed at the end of each honbasho day (except senshuraku) as an invitation for the spectators to return the following day.


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I'd never noticed how beat up Kotoshogiku's ears were. Pretty dysmorphic.

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