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At the end of todays NHK broadcast there was a text announcement for tomorrows programme.



I can read it and I understand the parts, but I don't get the overall sense.

"At tomorrows intermission - Sumo that is tought to the shindeshi"

What is that supposed to mean? Could somebody explain?

BTW: I'm not really sure where it's best to put such (sumo related) language questions...

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I think so too, with this title expressing "How to convey the values, knowledge and techniques of 大sumo to the new recruits" they maybe also give an example of how new recruits get their first "lessons" in a heya from the oyakata and ani-deshi.

With the broadcast starting at 3:42 that may be viewable on Niji (if it works).

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Mmhh... Yeah makes sense.

I think my problem was more related to grammar. Perhaps taking it to 'litteral'. I now think of it as a sort of headline style that basically resolves to something like 新弟子に大相撲を伝える in school grammar.

Secondly I might have expected a closer connection to what is going on currently during the basho and couldn't think of any special shindeshi thing tomorrow. Now I remember that there also was an unrelated feature about some Oyakata during the sumo broadcast last basho. So indeed it could be something very general about teaching or introducing newcommers to the world of sumo.

Whatever it'll be, we'll see tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

And thanks for the answeres, of course.

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