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Hatsu 2014 Superbanzuke

Recommended Posts that the first time ever there have been no Japanese players in the sanyaku?

Thanks for all your hard work as always, Rando!

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Various banzuke tidbits:

All games reported banzuke in time, except for Norizo Cup.

Pandaazuma defended the top spot. He is now numero uno for the third time in a row.

Randomitsuki prevails on the Yokozuna West side.

After winning the Kyushu Masters, Kitakachiyama has reason to celebrate his Ozeki debut. He also gets a new personal points record in the process.

After two basho in Maegashira, Doitsuyama returns to the sanyaku. He ekes out Norizo for the last Komusubi spot. For Norizo, it is the first Maegashira stint since Nagoya 2005, but if he continues the trend that he has set for the Hatsu Basho so far, he will soon be back to the upper echelons.

GONZABUROW is on a career-high M1 for the seventh time already. Time to get that extra oomph for a sanyaku debut!

Kotononami improves his career-high rank from M6 to M4, also eclipsing his previous points record.

ScreechingOwl repeats on a career-high M7, also setting a new points record.

Jejima sets a new points record as M8. His highest rank (M7) dates back to Kyushu 2002!

Kaiomitsuki returns to Makuuchi after two basho in Juryo.

Gernobono returns to Makuuchi, also after two basho in Juryo.

Andonishiki improves from M16 to a career-high M15 (new points record included).

Ekigozan has been in Makuuchi since the inception of the Superbanzuke in 2002. This time, however, the awesome Ozzie dropped to Juryo for the first time.

New career-highs in Juryo for Hashi (J1), and wiedi (J13).

And two shin-sekitori, viz. Oishiyama (J13) and Rupatengu (J14).

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Thanks again for all the number crunching.... eh... hard work.

Seems as if Norizo's Banzuke again didn't make it in time...


Edited by Ganzohnesushi

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(Sakke...) Can't say this often enough, but many thanks as always for keeping this alive!! (Sign of approval...)

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