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Phrases of the year

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4 this time:

Bai-gaeshi (give back on the double – from TBS TV drama Hanzawa Naoki) is among them, which several rikishi used for the Aki basho.

The other 3 are jejeje (surprised in the Tohoku dialect – from NHK morning drama Ama-chan), omotenashi (Japanese hospitality – used for the Tokyo Olympic presentation) and ima desho (now is the time - from a teacher for a tutoring high school).

The 50 nominated phrases with links and origin:

The top 10 and the winners with explanations linked:

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First time (in 30) that 4 phrases (most for one year so far) were chosen

NTV News24 page with video


NHK news page with video (maybe not hidden to the world?)

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