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Local Sumo Customs

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Baby cry sumo gets more and more professionally organized

"Baby cry sumo is the graduation ceremony for the baby"


the merits for the 13 000 yen to take part: prayer at the shrine


vivid weep is a win for the baby


strong legs for the baby with shiko training


doing back stretch drumming



 a memorial tegata - the hand-made shikona helmet is a present as well - the parents have to think of a shikona


which is put on a banzuke - another present - and a photo shoot with kesho mawashi - 100 varieties to rent


hand-crafted dohyo - 1 on 1 bouts - but all who cry win


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The Iwatsuki ancient style dohyo-iri - for boys till 6th grade - is a Saitama folk custom cultural asset. An autumn festival that takes place each year close to Oct. 21st., every 2nd year the day before the Respect for the Elderly Day. The kids follow the gyoji when they enter the dohyo and leave in a special walking way, called yakko.


YouTube search is usable again - but either there were not many interesting videos in the last 2 weeks or YT has deleted them already - at least this one was good - small kids in red, earlier grades in purple, the elder grades are sanyaku

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On 30/06/2015 at 13:43, Akinomaki said:
On 14/10/2013 at 15:15, Akinomaki said:

Hitori-zumo 一人角力 on the 13th at the Ōyamazumi-shrine in Imabari, Ehime.

Same cast as every year since 1999, both Ichirikizan 一力山 and gyoji.

Like every year it gets reported and it is held at the shrine at least since 1364. The acting Ichirikizan is 40 now and as staff member of the Imabari municipal office was anxious because he didn't train much. He plans to find a style with which he can continue till 75.

Same procedure as every year: uwatenage for a 2-1 win of the spirit vs. Ichirikizan -

Ichirikizan: "I want to continue for 30 more years - and some day I want to win."

AS20190610000823_commL.jpgo AS20190610000825_commL.jpgoAS20190610000827_commL.jpgo

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