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元Takatoriki activities (beaten up)

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Akinomaki    14,915

Takatoriki opened a new Drago yakiniku restaurant in Hachobori, Tokyo, in collaboration with a famous ramen restaurant.

For the opening, he stood in the kitchen - I wonder if he has more of the small yusho portrait replicas, at each of his restaurants.


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Akinomaki    14,915
On 10/3/2017 at 17:51, Akinomaki said:

Takatoriki opened a new Drago yakiniku restaurant in Hachobori, Tokyo

The (Italian) name "Drago" is said to have been proposed by Takanohana. The main Drago is in Koto ward, Ogibashi, there is one in Sumida ward, Oshiage, one in Koto ward, Kiyosumi: the Yokozuna avenue shop in Monzen-nakacho. In Monzen-nakacho he also has the kuimonoya Sushiriki and an izakaya Takatoriki. Also one in Saitama - apparently he now owns at least 10 in Japan (the new one maybe wasn't counted yet) and 2 overseas

On 4/8/2016 at 19:22, Akinomaki said:


owns 11 restaurants now, this is sushi-riki

On 1/11/2015 at 11:32, Akinomaki said:

Takatoriki names being too busy with business (to train to really become a professional wrestler, although he does train daily) as the reason to stop - he now has 8 yakiniku restaurants all over the country.

His success was analysed in a recent article.


In the restaurant business, usually 35% of new shops cease to exist within a year, 50% within 2 years and only about 10% remain after 10 years. Former rikishi usually open a "chanko-" - like Kirishima and Masuiyama.

Takatoriki offers high quality Kobe beef in "rikishi-volume" for a very reasonable price: 700g of a mixed selection for 7500 Yen. While usually the ratio of the costs for the ingredients in the business is now 35-45% (10 years ago only up to 30%), he has 50% and gets his profit from selling in great quantities. And yakiniku needs not as much personnel costs for food preparation as other types of restaurants. He is from Kobe and already during his active days had connections which delivered Kobe beef to the heya.

At present there is a meat boom in Japan, especially beef, especially wagyu. What also is a key for success in the business is a "story" - and the guest surely get one when they visit his restaurants: sumo=plentiful, plentiful=meat, meat=beef, beef=Kobe, Kobe=Takatoriki

It looks like other shops have other displays

the new shop





the menu in banzuke style


the typical outside design


with a kind of logo




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Akinomaki    14,915

Is he preparing a rampage again - or just doing PR for his restaurants?


Actually he was proudly talking about his sons: the first who at last has started his pro-wrestling career - he watched it live of course - and the 3rd, Kounosuke Naya, who will debut in ozumo for Hatsu: "I want him to do it gachinko" (=without yaocho) -  gachinko is the trademark of Takanohana - "Only a gachinko sumotori can be called one." About the scandal: "Because I know nothing, I can't say anything."

son no.1 winning

201712070000786-w200_0.jpgo   b_10798655.jpgo  07d627ad86bfd5c612a96d69fe551e0d-166x300.jpgo

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