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Watching region blocked video

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Does anyone know a simple way that a person such as myself (near zero computer/internet understanding) can watch region blocked videos on YouTube? Over the last several months Toei has been putting up their classic hero series online but I'm unable to access them. Any help would be appreciated when someone has time. Thanks.

Stuff like this:

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Stealthy with a Japanese proxy selected in the preferences lets me see the video above, but it doesn't help when trying to open an NHK news page - nearly always Internal Server Error or just the menus without the news.

For some reason though after I switched Stealthy off I could see the news videos from news7 with the usual 3 bouts shown, today Hakuho, Endo, Ikioi

Just the start button of the video is visible for me - click to start it, full screen available - please try it and report if you can watch it, too

Day 3:

Day 2:

Day 1:

Applying for new NSK status:

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What I also haven't manage yet is to view the videos at Gyao. Most of them explicitly show “Sorry, this video cannot be watched in your region due to licensing restriction.”

Like with this one:

Using Stealthy doesn't change that, hidemyass on the standard page hasn't a Japanese proxy to select.

I got a bit further with setting the proxy settings in Firefox to one of the free Japanese proxy servers

listed e. g. on or one of the many other pages listing them.

Still I only got to an error message telling me to uninstall and re-install silverlining – I did that 3 times and it remained the same.

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An updated version of how to fool the NHK video hiding plus some info about the general use of Japanese Proxy.

Lately Stealthy doesn't provide a Japanese Proxy most of the time and that is what you need to pretend to the site that you are looking at the video from inside of Japan – it usually works with NHK the way I describe it and maybe also with YouTube, but many other sites are not fooled by it.

Also on the usual Proxy lists below Japan is often missing now, you may have to try again and again.

First the easy way using Stealthy:

You have to install the https://addons.mozil...addon/stealthy/ add-on into Firefox, restart Firefox to activate it.
In the Stealthy preferences select a country to emulate and type there "J": "JP Japan" must appear and be selected - if not shown you have to try again later when the proxy is active again.

If not or without Stealthy you can also try it manually.

It depends on what system and browser you use. I use Firefox with Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I don't know which exact words they use in the English versions of the menus to show exactly where to look.

In Firefox it is in Extra – Settings – Extended - Network: “settings” for the connection to the internet.

In there you can switch between no proxy and a proxy you have to enter or a different system proxy.

If you have a proxy you always use, you can put that into the system settings and one other into the manual proxy here.

In the System settings you have Internet Options – Connections. For me it is the LAN settings where I can enter the proxy and switch it on and off. If it is on, all programs using these settings are affected, browser, e-mail, downloader, etc. but usually all these programs have their own settings which you can change – maybe not if it is one from Microsoft.

With a Japanese proxy on you can try to watch a video on Youtube - but it slows your internet down immensely to have to go through the Japanese server to watch it.

For NHK only my solution really works:

The following must be repeated till the video “douga” icon_category_movie.png buttons appear on the sports page.
Start with the news top page:
Switch Stealthy on and open the NHK sports news top page by clicking on スポーツ on the left.
It shouldn't result in the full page displayed - an error page, a blank page loading forever or a page only with the menus is what we want.
Go back to the top page, switch Stealthy off, and open the sports page again.
If the “douga” icon_category_movie.png buttons are displayed with some of the news items you have won.
Opening an NHK news 7 sumo page after that has the start button for the video displayed, clicking on it shows the video, full screen is available.

With Firefox 25 it is now mostly sufficient to open the NHK sports news page once with Stealthy on – the videos are shown at once (after the page has loaded correctly) without any error necessary. Then switch Stealthy off to have the usual speed again and the effect lasts for days like with the former procedure.
If you don't succeed after 2 or 3 times try to deactivate Stealthy, restart Firefox, activate it, restart, (a matter of less than a minute in the add-on manager) then you can continue with trying the above again.

The effect may last for several days, when gone you have to do the fooling process above again (and never press reload on an NHK news page: then all is gone).

My lists to look for Japanese proxy are: Look for Japan under country (select Japan if it is there and then Update Results)

– there are more

Edited by Akinomaki
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