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Pictures from the Kyokai - 2013 Nagoya, Senshuraku

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Here are some pictures from the final day of the 2013 Nagoya basho. Apart from the lower division bouts it's a fairly small assortment, so there could be some more to come. If so, I'll get to it when I can.

All of the winners in the first 17 of today's featured lower division bouts were getting their sixth win of the basho.

We start off in Jonidan with a couple of yoritaoshi. First, Tochitensho forces down Tsubakifuji.


And in the very next bout Katsuyama flattens Kozan.


Tsugaruumi withstood some tsuppari from Takayoshitoshi before finally pulling him down with shitatedashinage. Great result for Tsugaruumi; sadly his grandfather, who was also in ozumo under the same shikona in the 1950s, passed away during the basho.


Asanishimura forces out Isoazuma. Former collegiate rikishi Asanishimura has quietly got on with making a good start to his career in the professional ranks.


Another former collegiate rikishi, Koba, has also started well with back-to-back 6-1 results. Today he brushed off Tochigidake's ineffective tsuppari for a straightforward win.


Arishima forces out Asanojo.


Shineiyama (mostly obscured by his opponent's ample frame) is doing well following a long injury absence, finishing off his 6-1 record by beating Tanahashi.


In Sandanme, Burinosato wins as Hamayutaka steps out just before he touches down himself.


Suekawa circled around Kiryu several times; eventually Kiryu's own momentum saw him step out shortly before Suekawa.


This was a cagey bout with no clear idea of who might win until the very end. Shinohara finally got a decent grip and forced Kotodairyu over the edge.


Shinohara's heya-mate and shokkiri partner Wakayama also finished with six wins, defeating Yakunoshima today.


Shibahara throws Takakasuga.


After losing their three previous bouts, Hamaeiko finally defeats Sasayama. Both men will be promoted to Makushita on the next banzuke.


Tochinosato gets behind Akinokawa and pushes him out. These two will also be fighting in Makushita next time out.


In Makushita, Russian Amuru forces out Nankairiki.


Former Juryo Dairaido blasted Sasakiyama out of the dohyo. Dairaido has been a permanent fixture in the Makushita division since dropping down from Juryo in 2006 Aki.


Kyokutaisei pushes down Wakanoshima to ensure his best Makushita result yet. He will be at a new career high rank on the next banzuke.


No more 6-1 results now. This bout featured two rikishi who finished make-koshi this time. Takatoshi finishes 3-4 with this win against Sasanoyama, who finishes 2-5.


Two hefty rikishi in this one, with Irie thrusting down Kawanari to finish 5-2. Kawanari finishes 4-3.


Shoho channels some Aran sumo, beating Dewahayate with a well-timed henka.


In the final Makushita bout of the basho, Kizenryu defeats Fujimoto with a nice uwatedashinage. Kizenryu had a poor start to basho losing his first three bouts, but has recovered quite well to finish 3-4.


Juryo dohyo-iri, East and West.



The basho closes with another full house, the seventh in total.


Popularity Poll Results for Senshuraku:

Makuuchi 1-2-3: Sokokurai / Takayasu / Kitataiki

Juryo 1-2-3: Endo / Takanoyama / Sotairyu


This basho's lone sansho winner, Takayasu, receives his certificate and trophy from Isegahama-oyakata.


And Makuuchi yusho winner Hakuho receives the certificate and Emperor's cup from Kitanoumi.


The yusho pennant from Isegahama-oyakata.


And the Prime Minister's Cup.


Winner's interview.


Yobidashi Kaito holds the giant macaroon, an assortment of which are given as a prize along with the France-Japan Friendship trophy.


Distant view of the yusho parade.


Finally, this basho's shindeshi gather on the dohyo for the gyoji matsuri ceremony. I count eight rikishi there, so it looks like Hiroshima took part in this one to make up for missing the ceremony at his actual debut due to injury (also in the shusse-hiro presentation for the same reason). The gyoji being chucked into the air is Shikimori Shinnosuke.





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Here are a few more pictures from senshuraku - Juryo bouts, Makuuchi dohyo-iri and finally Makuuchi bouts.

Tochihiryu's poor basho ended with another loss, this time against Makushita visitor Sagatsukasa who received an extra eighth bout and finished 3-5 with the win. Tochihiryu also got 3 wins and will join Sagatsukasa in Makushita for the Aki basho.


In the day's second inter-divisional bout, Takanoyama improved his score to 7-8 with a kakenage win against Kotokuni, who also misses out on kachi-koshi by one win.


And finally, lead Makushita Chiyomaru earns his kachi-koshi and Juryo promotion with a win against Oniarashi, who should be heading the other way on the next banzuke.


Osunaarashi ends his Juryo debut basho with ten wins, defeating Tanzo on senshuraku.


Tokushinho finishes his best-ever basho with ten wins too, beating Asasekiryu on senshuraku.


Wakakoyu finally ends his miserable year-long run of make-koshi, getting his eighth win in style with a powerful oshitaoshi win against Daikiho.


Ninth win for Asahisho, driving Satoyama back to the edge. Asahisho holds a 6-1 advantage in their head-to-heads.


Endo concludes his Juryo debut basho in style, winning the yusho with a 14-1 record and a final day win against fellow ex-Nichidai man Homasho. Homasho is steadily working his way back up the ranks following a shoulder injury.


Sotairyu defeats Yoshiazuma.


Kotomisen's Juryo debut ends with a 6-9 make-koshi. He won the last bout against Nionoumi, who has had a dismal basho (1-14) due to a knee injury. Both of them will be dropping down to Makushita for the next basho.


Homarefuji defeats Kagamio.


Close call at the edge, but Seiro's hand touches down first so Tochinowaka gets the win. Tochinowaka will be back in the top division next time.


Azumaryu defeats Oiwato. Both finish make-koshi and were fairly anonymous this basho.


Kyokushuho defeats Chiyootori. It's make-koshi for these two as well, but they won't fall far. Kyokushuho improves his head-to-head record against Chiyootori to 4-0.


Makuuchi dohyo-iri, East and West.



Yokozuna Hakuho.


Yokozuna Harumafuji.


Kitanoumi-rijicho gives his closing address, joined as always on the dohyo by all of the sanyaku rikishi.


Jokoryu throws Takanoiwa, probably saving his own Makuuchi spot and denying the promotion for Takanoiwa. Takanoiwa finished the basho with five consecutive losses.


Tenkaiho crushes Tamawashi, finishing with ten wins and earning his ticket back to Makuuchi. Tamawashi finishes with ten losses and could drop to Juryo or cling on at the end of Makuuchi.


Kaisei ends his good basho with an 11-4 kachi-koshi, defeating debutant Tokushoryu on Senshuraku.


Sokokurai completes his return to sumo with a win over Aran. Considering he was out for over two years, Sokokurai has done well to finish with a 6-9 make-koshi.


Tamaasuka defeats Sadanofuji.


Kitataiki left it late, but finally clinched his kachi-koshi on the last with a win against Kotoyuki.


Toyohibiki earns his ninth win with this win against Masunoyama. Fifth consecutive make-koshi for Masunoyama.


Veteran Wakanosato likely saved his top division place with a win against Yoshikaze on senshuraku. Both finish 7-8.


Ikioi defeats Shotenro.


After fourteen torturous days, Daido finally gets his first and only win of the basho against Fujiazuma.


Aminishiki defeats Gagamaru.


Tochiozan will be back in sanyaku on the next banzuke, collecting ten wins in Nagoya. On senshuraku he beat Takarafuji.


Takayasu also will be in sanyaku next time thanks to a solid 9-6 kachi-koshi. His ninth win came against Chiyotairyu, who collapsed in the second half of the basho with only one win from his last seven bouts.


Kyokutenho defeats Tokitenku.


Shohozan defeats Aoiyama. Shohozan couldn't quite do enough to save his rank, but with a 7-8 he won't drop too far.


Goeido saves his Sekiwake rank with a final-day win against Toyonoshima, who look a bit ordinary at times this basho and is on a run of four make-koshi.


Myogiryu also saved his Sekiwake rank on senshuraku, defeating Okinoumi.


Kakuryu throws Kotooshu.


Kisenosato's tsunatori dreams come to an end for now with another senshuraku loss against Kotoshogiku.


In the final bout of the basho, Harumafuji restored a little pride with a win against yusho winner Hakuho.


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Is one of these three Ushiomaru...? (Scratching chin...)

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I like how we get a forward-facing Hakuho dohyo-iri and for Harumafuji we get nothing but ass. I know it's just because of the side the photographer was sitting on, but it seems somehow a fitting estimation of both yokozuna in the YDC's eyes...



Kasei: "Wait a minute. Do I even own a cat?"

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I like the way that the officiating gyoji in the two Yokozuna dohyo-iri have taken the trouble to match the prevailing colour scheme in each case.

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