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Day 12 results and day 13 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Hakuho and Kisenosato dominated their bouts against Kakuryu and Harumafuji to stay undefeated and bring the yusho race down to these two. Kisenosato is finally having a basho with yusho quality undoubtedly, but unfortunately for him Hakuho also is on top of his game. I think there is a good chance for a Japanese yusho as my impression of Hakuho is that he more often than not is coming short when there actually is a real race for the yusho, like a 1-4 record in yusho playoffs against yokozuna and ozeki and a further 1-2 in day 15 bouts going for the yusho in other basho. Granted, his opponents here are restricted to Asashoryu and Harumafuji so this might tell more about their strength than any weakness of Hakuho, and Kisenosato might be a bit rusty in chasing a yusho since his last one is more than nine years ago... Anyway, they get in-form opponents tomorrow with Kotoshogiku and Kakuryu before they meet on day 14.

Kagamio is a real surprise in only his third juryo basho as the 25-year-old Mongolian is dropping another co-leader in two days, today beating long-time leader Tokushoryu to achieve the sole lead for the first time. Kotoyuki beat Kimurayama with tsukidashi as expected to stay one win behind, but Tamaasuka surprisingly lost to underperforming Sagatsukasa. The rikishi at the bottom start to get safe one by one as Tokushinho, Homasho, Wakakoyu and Takanoyama now have enough wins, leaving seven rikishi still in demotion danger.

Day 12JuryoJ14e    Chiyoo (6-6)            yorikiri        J13e    Akiseyama (5-7)J10e    Tokushinho (6-6)        oshitaoshi      J12e    Kitaharima (6-6)J14w    Homasho (8-4)           tsukiotoshi     J9w     Oniarashi (6-6)J9e     Wakakoyu (5-7)          oshitaoshi      J7w     Tochihiryu (5-7)J13w    Kagamio (11-1)          tsukiotoshi     J6e     Tokushoryu (10-2)J5w     Nionoumi (5-7)          tsukiotoshi     J11e    Kizenryu (5-7)J10w    Takanoyama (6-6)        oshidashi       J4e     Asasekiryu (5-7)J4w     Sotairyu (4-8)          yoritaoshi      J12w    Chiyoarashi (6-6)J3e     Oiwato (6-6)            okuridashi      J5e     Satoyama (3-9)J3w     Kotoyuki (10-2)         tsukidashi      J11w    Kimurayama (3-9)J8w     Tanzo (3-9)             yorikiri        J2e     Takanoiwa (6-6)J7e     Sagatsukasa (3-9)       oshidashi       J2w     Tamaasuka (9-3)J1e     Tamawashi (9-3)         oshidashi       J6w     Tenkaiho (6-6)J8e     Tochinowaka (8-4)       uwatenage       J1w     Asahisho (3-9)MakuuchiM15w    Homarefuji (4-8)        oshitaoshi      M16w    Daikiho (1-11)M11w    Gagamaru (9-3)          hatakikomi      M13e    Daido (6-6)M16e    Azumaryu (6-6)          hatakikomi      M10w    Toyohibiki (6-6)M10e    Chiyotairyu (9-3)       oshidashi       M9e     Kyokutenho (6-6)M9w     Ikioi (7-5)             yorikiri        M8e     Tokitenku (8-4)M8w     Sadanofuji (4-8)        yorikiri        M13w    Masunoyama (6-6)M15e    Chiyonokuni (7-5)       yorikiri        M7e     Fujiazuma (6-6)M14e    Kaisei (6-6)            oshidashi       M6e     Yoshikaze (6-6)M6w     Takekaze (7-5)          oshidashi       M14w    Chiyootori (5-7)M5w     Takayasu (7-5)          sukuinage       M11e    Shotenro (5-7)M3e     Takarafuji (3-9)        tsukiotoshi     M12e    Wakanosato (5-7)M2w     Tochinoshin (2-10)      uwatenage       M7w     Jokoryu (3-9)M1e     Myogiryu (9-3)          oshitaoshi      M1w     Aminishiki (3-9)K1e     Tochiozan (5-7)         yorikiri        M4w     Toyonoshima (6-6)K1w     Okinoumi (2-10)         kotenage        M2e     Kitataiki (1-11)S1e     Goeido (6-6)            tsukihiza       M5e     Shohozan (6-6)O2e     Kotoshogiku (9-3)       yorikiri        M3w     Aran (4-8)O2w     Kotooshu (7-5)          oshidashi       M4e     Aoiyama (5-7)Y1e     Hakuho (12-0)           yorikiri        O1w     Kakuryu (10-2)O1e     Kisenosato (12-0)       yorikiri        Y1w     Harumafuji (9-3)Day 13JuryoJ13e    Akiseyama (5-7)                         Ms7e    Osunaarashi (6-0)J11e    Kizenryu (5-7)                          Ms2e    Sakigake (3-3)J10e    Tokushinho (6-6)                        J9w     Oniarashi (6-6)J12w    Chiyoarashi (6-6)                       J8w     Tanzo (3-9)J8e     Tochinowaka (8-4)                       J14w    Homasho (8-4)J6e     Tokushoryu (10-2)                       J11w    Kimurayama (3-9)J10w    Takanoyama (6-6)                        J5w     Nionoumi (5-7)J5e     Satoyama (3-9)                          J7w     Tochihiryu (5-7)J9e     Wakakoyu (5-7)                          J4w     Sotairyu (4-8)J4e     Asasekiryu (5-7)                        J6w     Tenkaiho (6-6)J14e    Chiyoo (6-6)                            J3w     Kotoyuki (10-2)J13w    Kagamio (11-1)                          J2w     Tamaasuka (9-3)J2e     Takanoiwa (6-6)                         J7e     Sagatsukasa (3-9)J1e     Tamawashi (9-3)                         J12e    Kitaharima (6-6)MakuuchiJ1w     Asahisho (3-9)                          M16w    Daikiho (1-11)J3e     Oiwato (6-6)                            M15w    Homarefuji (4-8)M15e    Chiyonokuni (7-5)                       M16e    Azumaryu (6-6)M14w    Chiyootori (5-7)                        M13w    Masunoyama (6-6)M12e    Wakanosato (5-7)                        M14e    Kaisei (6-6)M11e    Shotenro (5-7)                          M13e    Daido (6-6)M10w    Toyohibiki (6-6)                        M9w     Ikioi (7-5)M8w     Sadanofuji (4-8)                        M7w     Jokoryu (3-9)M7e     Fujiazuma (6-6)                         M9e     Kyokutenho (6-6)M6e     Yoshikaze (6-6)                         M11w    Gagamaru (9-3)M10e    Chiyotairyu (9-3)                       M4w     Toyonoshima (6-6)M3e     Takarafuji (3-9)                        M6w     Takekaze (7-5)M2e     Kitataiki (1-11)                        M4e     Aoiyama (5-7)M2w     Tochinoshin (2-10)                      M1w     Aminishiki (3-9)M1e     Myogiryu (9-3)                          M8e     Tokitenku (8-4)M3w     Aran (4-8)                              K1w     Okinoumi (2-10)K1e     Tochiozan (5-7)                         M5e     Shohozan (6-6)S1e     Goeido (6-6)                            M5w     Takayasu (7-5)O1e     Kisenosato (12-0)                       O1w     Kakuryu (10-2)O2w     Kotooshu (7-5)                          Y1w     Harumafuji (9-3)Y1e     Hakuho (12-0)                           O2e     Kotoshogiku (9-3)
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