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Guess Kisenosato's Aite (Okinoumi) - May 2013

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A few days to go before choosing our nominated rikishi.

Please rank in order of preference the following 3.

S1E Goeido

K1W Okinoumi

M2E Kitataiki

Edited by Jejima

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While Okinoumi seems like a good choice, I'm actually here to request kyujo this basho.

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'Guest gyojis' (Sign of approval...) are requested to continue with their excellent help this basho.

Announcing the March 2013 edition of Guess Kisenosato's Aite.... But for Okinoumi....

All you have to do is guess K1W Okinoumi's opponent each day, before the torikumi comes out. If you guess correctly, you get a shiroboshi. This is surprisingly more fun (or frustrating) and challenging than it should be. It also gets you to think a bit more about the 'inner-workings' of sumo.

Here is the current banzuke:-

Profomisakari (Y1W 5-9-1) Y1 Yaochoyama (Y1E 4-9-2)

Jakusotsu (S1E 3-11-1) S1 Gernobono (K1W 5-9-1)

Jejima (K1E 3-9-3) K1 Kuroimori (M1E 6-8-1)

Andonishiki (M2E 3-7-5) M1 Oshirokita (S1W 2-3-10)

XiaoTan (M1W 1-11-3) M2 Shimodahito (M2W Kosho)

hoshihitomi12 (M3E 2-12-1) M3


Profomisakari is commended for once again performing as befitting a Yokozuna. Long may it continue.

Gernobono will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a Yusho in May.

The rules are as follows:-
1. Guess K1W Okinoumi's opponents on each day of the basho.
2. Entries need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the previous day, except for the days 1 and 2 entries which need to be in before 11:30 am Japan time on the Friday prior to the start of the basho. If it turns out that the daily toriukumi is printed before these times, then any entry proved to have come afterwards is not allowed for that day (so enter early to be safe).
3. Tie-breakers to decide the Yusho.... We look at the result of the day 15 prediction, then day 14, and so on back to day 1. If still a tie, then the highest ranked on the banzuke can claim the Yusho.
4. If Okinumi goes kyujo during the basho, we switch to K1E Tochiozan (M1E Myogiryu, then M1W Aminishiki kept further in reserve, if needed due to a mass spate of kyujos) for the days after his fusensho loss (I.e. we can still guess who gets the freebie). For the immediate day afterwards, (unless it is known very soon after the event), everyone will get a 'kyujo'.
5. Players that are leading the Yusho race (especially in the final few days of the basho), are requested / expected to get their picks in very early (before all the other players, if possible) - in order to avoid suspicions of 'tactical picking'.

Special prizes (many thanks to Yaochoyama):

1. Outstanding performance (shukun-sho) - the one who correctly picks the aite the most consecutive days. You have to have a minimum of three to win this prize.

2. Fighting spirit (kanto-sho) - the one who limits their incorrect aite picks to the shortest number of consecutive days (literally the one whose longest losing streak is the shortest). Any losing streak of 5 or more days would disqualify you from this prize.

3. Technique (gino-sho) - the one who is best at making correct picks when no one, or hardly anyone else does. A point system is used as follows and you need at least 3 points to claim this prize:

3 points if you're the only win to make the correct pick
2 points if you're one of two to make the correct pick
1 point if you're one of three to make the correct pick

New players (Order, order!) are cordially invited to join this game.

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Nice to see the basho approcahing and with it this intriguing little game.

Nice banzuke luck btw for the East Sanyaku slots...

Okay welcome to GOA (Guess Okinoumis Aite)

Trying to repeat my yusho I already finished keiko and start early with the following picks:

Day 1 - Hakuho

Day 2- Kotoshogiku

Good luck to all players - it is truly needed in this game....

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Day 1: Hakuho

Day 2: Kotooshu

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Okinoumi's Aites: Day 1: Harumafuji, Day 2: Kotoshogiku

10 players so far, only two show a perfect start:

Profomisakari & hoshihitomi go 2:0

six others follow with 1:1

while shimodahito XiaoTan are still waiting for the first shiroboshi.

still not too late to enter this 'premium' game...

earning wins here is a much tougher challenge than anywhere else (at least to myself...)

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