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Rikishi Talk - Day 13, Haru 2013

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Joukouryuu, first kachi-koshi in makuuchi. After the sith win collecting four consecutive losses: "It was long. The remaining two bouts I want to go all out and do good sumou."
常幸龍 幕内で初の勝ち越し。6勝目からの4連敗があり「長かった。残り2番は思い切り、いい相撲を取りたい」。

Tochiouzan, consecutive kachi-koshi in sanyaky for the first time: "Having defeated all oozeki, if I had gone make-koshi that would have been hard to imagine. It was good I could get back the offense."
栃煌山 三役での連続勝ち越しは初めて。「大関全員に勝っても、負け越したら何も言えない。攻め返せて良かった」

Goueidou, complete defeat against Hakuhou, bitterly: "I wanted to live up to the expectations somehow, but... (At the harite of the yokozuna) I unfortunately turned away."
豪栄道 白鵬に完敗。「どうにかして期待に応えたかったが。(横綱の張り手で)横を向いてしまった」と悔しがる。

Harumafuji, chance of presenting an obstacle for Hakuhou's zenshou on senshuuraku, with spirit: "At least something like that. I'll do my best with complete devotion."
日馬富士 千秋楽は白鵬の全勝阻止が懸かる可能性も。「せめてそれくらいは。全身全霊でベストを尽くす」と闘志。

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