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Day 13 results and day 14 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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The makuuchi yusho is already decided as Hakuho stayed undefeated with an uwatenage win over Goeido while Okinoumi lost to Tochiozan to lag three wins behind with only two days left. Okinoumi still is in sole second place as Harumafuji and Kitataiki lost as well, the newer yokozuna now falling to 0-6 against Kakuryu in the last six bouts when he wasn't zensho for the whole basho. Kakuryu leads a wave of eight makuuchi rikishi who clinched kachi-koshi today, including Kisenosato and Baruto. Aran, Jokoryu, Aoiyama and Yoshikaze also are among them, getting rewarded for a good basho. The two shin-makuuchi Oiwato and Sotairyu lost and are pretty sure to join Tochinowaka and Sagatsukasa on the way down to juryo.

There is only one sure promotion from juryo so far with yusho co-leader Kyokushuho, but there is no shortage of candidates battling for the other three spots with the other co-leader Azumaryu, Daikiho, Chiyootori, Asahisho needing only one more win (going by the numbers), and furthermore Kotoyuki and Homarefuji also in play with two wins. At the other end Miyabiyama's fall isn't stopping as the former ozeki now is 2-11. Yoshiazuma staved off demotion against Seiro, and Kimurayama needs one more win. Takanoyama is another veteran with a bad basho, but at least he saved his place in juryo today with a nice amiuchi win.

Day 15JuryoJ10w    Yoshiazuma (4-9)        shitatenage     Ms3w    Seiro (4-3)J10e    Satoyama (7-6)          shitatehineri   J14e    Hochiyama (4-9)J9w     Tokushinho (5-8)        oshidashi       J9e     Miyabiyama (2-11)J8w     Takanoyama (5-8)        amiuchi         J12w    Kagamio (6-7)J8e     Azumaryu (11-2)         shitatenage     J11w    Asasekiryu (9-4)J7w     Oniarashi (6-7)         hatakikomi      J14w    Sensho (4-9)J7e     Wakakoyu (6-7)          tsukidashi      J11e    Kimurayama (5-8)J12e    Akiseyama (7-6)         yorikiri        J6w     Tanzo (6-7)J5e     Tokushoryu (6-7)        yoritaoshi      J13w    Tochihiryu (7-6)J4w     Takanoiwa (7-6)         hatakikomi      J6e     Tamaasuka (6-7)J4e     Homarefuji (8-5)        tsukidashi      J3e     Asahisho (8-5)J3w     Chiyootori (8-5)        oshidashi       J2w     Daikiho (8-5)J2e     Kyokushuho (11-2)       hatakikomi      J13e    Nionoumi (8-5)J1w     Kotoyuki (6-7)          oshidashi       J5w     Tenkaiho (6-7)MakuuchiM13w    Sadanofuji (7-6)        oshidashi       M15w    Sotairyu (4-9)M15e    Daido (7-6)             uwatenage       M12e    Shotenro (6-7)M10e    Takarafuji (9-4)        tsukiotoshi     M16e    Oiwato (5-8)M9w     Yoshikaze (8-5)         yorikiri        M14e    Chiyonokuni (6-7)M8w     Kyokutenho (6-7)        kotenage        M16w    Wakanosato (8-5)M8e     Aoiyama (8-5)           oshidashi       M11e    Takekaze (7-6)M11w    Jokoryu (8-5)           uwatenage       M7w     Toyohibiki (6-7)M5w     Kaisei (3-10)           yorikiri        M12w    Masunoyama (5-8)M4w     Shohozan (7-6)          uwatedashinage  M9e     Fujiazuma (8-5)M10w    Tamawashi (4-9)         oshidashi       M3w     Ikioi (2-11)M3e     Tokitenku (4-9)         tsukiotoshi     M6e     Gagamaru (4-9)M2w     Myogiryu (7-6)          yorikiri        M6w     Kitataiki (9-4)M1w     Tochinoshin (6-7)       yorikiri        M1e     Takayasu (4-9)M5e     Aran (8-5)              hikiotoshi      K1w     Aminishiki (5-8)K1e     Tochiozan (8-5)         okuridashi      M7e     Okinoumi (10-3)S1w     Baruto (8-5)            kimetaoshi      M4e     Toyonoshima (7-6)O1e     Kisenosato (8-5)        katasukashi     O2w     Kotoshogiku (7-6)Y1w     Hakuho (13-0)           uwatenage       S1e     Goeido (8-5)O2e     Kakuryu (8-5)           yorikiri        Y1e     Harumafuji (9-4)Day 14JuryoJ12e    Akiseyama (7-6)                         J12w    Kagamio (6-7)J11e    Kimurayama (5-8)                        Ms3e    Kotokuni (3-3)J14e    Hochiyama (4-9)                         J9w     Tokushinho (5-8)J7e     Wakakoyu (6-7)                          J11w    Asasekiryu (9-4)J13e    Nionoumi (8-5)                          J7w     Oniarashi (6-7)J6e     Tamaasuka (6-7)                         J14w    Sensho (4-9)J13w    Tochihiryu (7-6)                        J6w     Tanzo (6-7)J5e     Tokushoryu (6-7)                        J8w     Takanoyama (5-8)J9e     Miyabiyama (2-11)                       J5w     Tenkaiho (6-7)J3e     Asahisho (8-5)                          J10w    Yoshiazuma (4-9)J4w     Takanoiwa (7-6)                         J3w     Chiyootori (8-5)J2e     Kyokushuho (11-2)                       J10e    Satoyama (7-6)J8e     Azumaryu (11-2)                         J1w     Kotoyuki (6-7)MakuuchiJ4e     Homarefuji (8-5)                        M15w    Sotairyu (4-9)M14e    Chiyonokuni (6-7)                       J2w     Daikiho (8-5)M10e    Takarafuji (9-4)                        M15e    Daido (7-6)M11w    Jokoryu (8-5)                           M9w     Yoshikaze (8-5)M8e     Aoiyama (8-5)                           M9e     Fujiazuma (8-5)M16e    Oiwato (5-8)                            M8w     Kyokutenho (6-7)M12w    Masunoyama (5-8)                        M7w     Toyohibiki (6-7)M6e     Gagamaru (4-9)                          M16w    Wakanosato (8-5)M5e     Aran (8-5)                              M13w    Sadanofuji (7-6)M12e    Shotenro (6-7)                          M5w     Kaisei (3-10)M4e     Toyonoshima (7-6)                       M11e    Takekaze (7-6)M3e     Tokitenku (4-9)                         M10w    Tamawashi (4-9)M1e     Takayasu (4-9)                          M2w     Myogiryu (7-6)M3w     Ikioi (2-11)                            M1w     Tochinoshin (6-7)K1e     Tochiozan (8-5)                         M6w     Kitataiki (9-4)S1e     Goeido (8-5)                            M7e     Okinoumi (10-3)K1w     Aminishiki (5-8)                        S1w     Baruto (8-5)M4w     Shohozan (7-6)                          O2w     Kotoshogiku (7-6)Y1e     Harumafuji (9-4)                        O1e     Kisenosato (8-5)O2e     Kakuryu (8-5)                           Y1w     Hakuho (13-0)
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