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Day 13 lower division results

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No promotion bouts in makushita, except one disguised as the yusho decider between Kamei and Takakiho. Kamei won to take the yusho and to finally secure his juryo debut five years after his hatsu dohyo in Haru 2008. Kamei quickly shot up to mid makushita with a 20-1 record, but hit the wall to stall there for three years. In the last year he made progress with consistent kachi-koshi in higher regions (only one 3-4 make-koshi in the last nine basho), and I think his sumo is good enough to stay in juryo. He will be 28 years old next basho, but might have a few productive years in him, at least I hope so.

Endo and Osunaarashi are two more talents who got a favourable matchup for there last bout, and both had easy wins as well to finish 5-2 and 6-1 respectively, scores which hint of a rather short time remaining in the lower divisions for these rikishi. Seiro lost to Yoshiazuma in juryo, a loss which may hurt him a lot as Kotokuni now has the chance to snatch a possible fourth promotion away from him if he wins against Kimurayama in his juryo visit tomorrow.

The undefeated rikishi in the other divisions were in action today too with some expected outcomes as both jonidan rikishi lost to Tosayutaka and Ishiura, leading to a sandanme kettei-sen between Wakarikido and Tosayutaka and a nine rikishi jonidan playoff. Ishiura won the jonokuchi yusho as the sole 7-0 rikishi in the smallest division (one rikishi less than juryo).

JonokuchiJk11e   Kimishima (4-3)         shitatedashinageJk11w   Tamaseiryo (3-4)Jk7w    Majima (4-3)            hatakikomi      Jk10w   Umetsu (3-4)Jk4e    Ryokizan (1-0)          yorikiri        Jk2e    Okino (0-7)JonidanJk3e    Hokutoo (1-0)           tsukidashi      Jd93w   Azumayama (1-6)Jk6e    Omori (5-2)             uwatedashinage  Jd92w   Kozakura (3-4)Jk10e   Baraki (6-1)            oshidashi       Jd89w   Mihamaumi (4-3)Jk8e    Kotoseigo (6-1)         oshidashi       Jd85e   Koseki (5-2)Jd89e   Sadanohana (4-3)        kotenage        Jd84e   Haruminato (3-4)Jd84w   Chibahibiki (3-4)       yorikiri        Jd83w   Daishiryu (2-5)Jk7e    Onosho (6-1)            yorikiri        Jd75w   Takasaito (5-2)Jd73e   Masutenryu (6-1)        isamiashi       Jd69w   Kurenishiki (5-2)Jd68w   Kototaiko (4-3)         yorikiri        Jd74e   Itako (3-4)Jd65w   Setonishiki (4-3)       oshidashi       Jd66w   Kotoyamato (3-4)Jd66e   Sakaefuji (6-1)         oshitaoshi      Jd64e   Ako (5-2)Jd63w   Wakahizen (4-3)         oshidashi       Jd59w   Amanowaka (3-4)Jd59e   Hayate (6-1)            oshidashi       Jd55w   Ariake (5-2)Jd54e   Daishofuji (4-3)        yorikiri        Jd51e   Shobimaru (3-4)Jd50e   Hokutoryu (3-4)         yorikiri        Jd52e   Dewataikai (2-5)Jk6w    Ishiura (7-0)           shitatenage     Jd47e   Tokutaiho (6-1)Jd44e   Sakura (5-2)            uwatenage       Jd47w   Hamadayama (4-3)Jd46w   Tokkoriki (4-3)         sukuinage       Jd43w   Kyokuhikari (3-4)Jd42w   Daishoko (5-2)          oshidashi       Jd41e   Koju (4-3)Jd35w   Kainowaka (4-3)         yorikiri        Jd42e   Kato (3-4)Jd33w   Tanno (3-4)             uwatenage       Jd34e   Kisenishiki (2-5)Jd41w   Kawashita (6-1)         hatakikomi      Jd29e   Fujinowaka (5-2)Jd26e   Taguchi (5-2)           hikiotoshi      Jd30w   Tsubomi (4-3)Jd23e   Azumasho (1-6)          oshidashi       Jd91e   Sadaisamu (0-7)Jd18w   Oisato (4-3)            sukuinage       Jd23w   Motokiyama (3-4)Jd36e   Hitenryu (6-1)          yorikiri        Jd14e   Gonoumi (5-2)Jd13w   Hakunoryu (6-1)         shitatenage     Jd24e   Fukamiyama (5-2)Jd9w    Adachi (4-3)            yorikiri        Jd15w   Tomonofuji (3-4)Jd11w   Kasugaiwa (3-4)         kotenage        Jd5e    Tochitensho (2-5)SandanmeSd100w  Kototaiki (4-3)         yorikiri        Jd2e    Kyokuryuo (3-4)Sd96w   Takatenshu (6-1)        yorikiri        Jd4e    Higonoryu (5-2)Sd96e   Masuryu (3-4)           oshidashi       Jd2w    Chiyohayate (2-5)Jd7w    Tamao (6-1)             katasukashi     Sd95w   Mitozakura (5-2)Sd95e   Daishomune (3-4)        yoritaoshi      Sd100e  Taketoba (2-5)Sd93e   Dainin (4-3)            okuridashi      Sd89e   Kiriarashi (3-4)Sd87w   Kotorikuzan (4-3)       oshidashi       Sd86e   Kirinofuji (3-4)Sd84w   Tosayutaka (7-0)        uwatenage       Jd38w   Kinunonami (6-1)Sd81e   Isenohana (4-3)         yorikiri        Sd78w   Goki (3-4)Sd77e   Tsugaruumi (1-6)        shitatedashinageJd32e   Echizenyama (0-7)Sd80w   Daitenpaku (3-4)        tsukiotoshi     Sd75e   Naniwaryu (2-5)Sd76e   Shunba (5-2)            hikiotoshi      Sd71e   Manazuru (4-3)Sd72w   Yuki (4-3)              uwatenage       Sd69w   Takashoma (3-4)Sd65w   Yotsugamine (5-2)       oshitaoshi      Sd68e   Takakasuga (4-3)Sd68w   Koriyama (4-3)          hatakikomi      Sd63w   Obamaumi (3-4)Sd54w   Nishiyama (2-5)         oshidashi       Sd70e   Koryuyama (1-6)Sd63e   Tamanotaka (2-5)        hatakikomi      Sd53e   Wakadaiju (1-6)Sd52e   Fujinohana (5-2)        uwatenage       Sd59e   Wakahikari (4-3)Sd57e   Orora (5-2)             yorikiri        Sd50w   Okuma (4-3)Sd49e   Masutoo (6-1)           uwatenage       Sd55w   Genkaiho (5-2)Sd48e   Yakunoshima (3-4)       hikiotoshi      Sd45w   Wakayama (2-5)Sd45e   Masumiura (4-3)         yorikiri        Sd43e   Kotonoshu (3-4)Sd74e   Wakarikido (7-0)        oshidashi       Sd34e   Goshi (6-1)Sd33e   Tochinoyama (4-3)       hatakikomi      Sd34w   Kamiyutaka (3-4)Sd35e   Daishonada (3-4)        oshidashi       Sd31e   Ohara (2-5)Sd30e   Fukunokuni (3-4)        oshidashi       Sd28w   Tokinowaka (2-5)Sd26e   Takunishiki (4-3)       yorikiri        Sd32w   Kainoryu (3-4)Sd24w   Kosei (4-3)             sukuinage       Sd23e   Ryusei (3-4)Sd18w   Watanabe (2-5)          yorikiri        Sd33w   Daishowaka (1-6)Sd15w   Dewanosato (3-4)        yorikiri        Sd23w   Kasugamine (2-5)Sd17e   Tomisakae (4-3)         oshitaoshi      Sd12e   Okoryu (3-4)Sd11e   Tokushuzan (4-3)        tsukiotoshi     Sd8w    Aiyama (3-4)Sd13e   Sadanohama (5-2)        hatakikomi      Sd5e    Miyamaru (4-3)Sd4e    Matsubayama (1-6)       hikiotoshi      Sd59w   Isoazuma (0-7)MakushitaSd3w    Hakiai (5-2)            tsukiotoshi     Ms56w   Chiyosakae (4-3)Ms56e   Hokudozan (4-3)         chongake        Ms58e   Tochiminato (3-4)Ms58w   Daishoryu (5-2)         yorikiri        Ms54w   Teraomaru (4-3)Ms55e   Tochinohama (4-3)       tsukiotoshi     Ms49e   Daieisho (3-4)Ms47w   Karatsuumi (4-3)        yorikiri        Ms52e   Hagane (3-4)Ms45w   Akinokawa (3-4)         yorikiri        Ms44e   Shiroryu (2-5)Ms43w   Kaidonami (5-2)         hikiotoshi      Ms40w   Kotoeko (4-3)Ms43e   Suzaku (4-3)            yorikiri        Ms39e   Wakakasuga (3-4)Ms34w   Mankajo (4-3)           tsukidashi      Ms37w   Tochimaru (3-4)Ms27w   Kihonoumi (4-3)         tsukiotoshi     Ms33w   Inoue (3-4)Ms36e   Towanoyama (1-6)        kimedashi       Ms27e   Aisaka (0-7)Ms40e   Rendaiyama (2-5)        oshidashi       Ms24e   Toyonokuni (1-6)Ms23e   Osunaarashi (6-1)       tsukitaoshi     Ms41w   Nishikikaze (5-2)Ms22w   Yamatofuji (5-2)        oshidashi       Ms23w   Kyokutaisei (4-3)Ms25w   Irie (4-3)              hikiotoshi      Ms21e   Kimikaze (3-4)Ms14w   Kasugakuni (4-3)        oshidashi       Ms15w   Shosei (3-4)Ms10TD  Endo (5-2)              uwatedashinage  Ms19w   Takatoshi (4-3)Ms9e    Shoho (4-3)             oshidashi       Ms7w    Fujimoto (3-4)Ms7e    Kamei (7-0)             uwatenage       Ms57w   Takakiho (6-1)Ms6e    Nishikigi (2-5)         yorikiri        Ms1w    Kawanari (1-6)

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