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Rikishi Talk - Day 12, Haru 2013

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Wakanosato, kachi-koshi at the lower makuuchi rank, with a smiling face: "Before the basho I underwent knee surgery and I felt a bit anxious. Thinking I can still carry on in makuuchi makes me happy."
若の里 幕尻で勝ち越す。「場所前に膝の手術を受けて不安だった。また幕内で取れると思ったらうれしい」と笑顔。

Takarafuji, two consecutive kachi-koshi for the first time (in makuuchi I presume): "I think having a feeling beforehand of wanting to go out is good. I can be conscious of that and use it. (?)"
宝富士 初の2場所連続勝ち越し。「前に出ようとする気持ちがいいのだと思う。(課題の)右も意識して使えている」

Kitataiki, keeping his 3 loss record; on the topic of the yuushou arasoi: "I'm not thinking about it. As I haven't got double digit wins in a long time, I want to get there."
北太樹 3敗を守る。優勝争いの話題に「考えてないですよ。ずっと2桁勝ってないので、久しぶりに乗せたい」。

Kisenosato, not being able to stop Hakuhou doing his thing alone up there. Plenty of fighting spirit, but replying disappointedly and briefly: "There's nothing good about this (the sumou)."
稀勢の里 白鵬の独走を止められず。気合十分だったが、「(相撲で)いいところはない」。ふがいなさそうに一言。

Sorry, I didn't manage to do these yesterday either.

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Thank you for these Kyokuhagyo, nice to see Wakanosato is happy.

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